Friday, October 9, 2009

967th Post - Lunch With An Old Friend

Had lunch with an old friend on Thursday. Thought I'd take a bit of time to tell you about it.

I have known Jeanne since high school. We attended university together, both studying the same program.

Hadn't seen her in years and years when I was walking back from the hospital about 18 months ago, after having visited Patricia (why she was in the hospital was discussed on this blog at that time, so go back and find those posts, lazybones!). She accosted me on the street. We hugged. We talked for five minutes. And we promised to keep in touch.

We became friends on facebook and kept in touch that way until earlier this week when we agreed to have lunch at the Pogue Fado.

We met. We talked. We caught up on things. And she wore make up like I asked her to. She wore pointy shoes, though. I guess you can't have everything.

Much was discussed. The drug abuse. The abortions. The sleeping around with strange men.

And, when I was finished talking, Jeanne began.

She talked about her life over the last 20 years: her children, her ex-husband, her work.

There's always one of those in a woman's life. A fella can't catch a break. What the Hell am I gonna...

Oh, an EX-husband.

Never mind.

It was a lovely lunch. I hope I get to see her again soon. Patricia and Jeanne want to meet each other. Man, that will be quite the cat fight, eh? I'll record it and make it a pay per view event. "I saw him first, Jeanne! Leave him alone!" "Well, technically, Patricia, I saw him first. We've known each other since we were teenagers, so...." Stuff like that. It will be awesome.

Can hardly wait.


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