Wednesday, October 14, 2009

971st Post - At the Library

Welcome to the New Glasgow Public Library on Archimedes Street.

I slept in yet again this morning. I have had a lot of headaches this week, and today's was especially fun. Despite all the sleep I got last night, my head still felt as if a steel spike had been rammed through its left eye socket. After a nice lunch in Stellarton, however, it is finally gone, and I feel human again.

Transcribed 3 more questions in the DH interview on Tuesday. I'll do a nice long one today. I am on vacation this week, you know!

Slowly, very slowly, getting used to typing on this tiny asus eee 701sd keyboard. I still think they had a 12 year old girl in mind when they devised this machine, but at least it is typeable for me now. Maybe within a year or so, I'll come to like typing on this. Maybe.

There is a big used bookstore here in the downtown. I think I'll go check it out, if you don't niind.



urquharj said...

Lunch in Stellarton eh?

Where bouts? It was either at Sams, Andres seats, Ted's, the fish and chip place, Skokes, or the cafe on main street.

Hopefully it was Andres, and you ordered the combo rocks!

Bevboy said...

Hi, Jane.

We ate at a mostly seafood place. Looks like a double wide trailer. "Seafood galley" or somesuch. I had a clubhouse sandwich, so I don't know how good the seafood was.

See you guys on Monday.