Friday, October 16, 2009

973rd Post - At the (River John) Library)

Greetings from the River John public library.

It is nice to have internet connectivity for the second time this week. It's ironic I have this strong internet connection in a village where I have zero cell coverage.

This is the last day of my vacation, probably for this fiscal year. Like my paycheque, I piss away my vacation days in a haze until they are gone and I wonder where they went.

The big excitement on our cottage lane today was when a propane truck visited the neighbour. They have electric heat. What gives? It is a mystery. Our lane only has us, them, the Americans who visit infrequently, the numbnuts who has the all-terrain vehicle, and a rich guy who's building a small mansion next door to us. He won't run up property values a bit, will he? Nope!

We'll return to the city on Sunday. I didn't turn on the heat in the house before we left. There's been a coldsnap this week. I have to wonder how cold it will be there upon our return.

On our last night, we may go to the Bluenose Comedy Tour at the DeCoste Centre in the town of Pictou. We went last year, and it was terrific. Laughed our hoo haws off, and that is a challenge.

Haven't shaven in a week. Not sure if I will keep the beard or not. I'll probably wimp out and shave it Monday morning.

Very nearly finished transcribing the DH interview last night. Just 2 audio files to go. Want to be finished by today or tomorrow.

We may go for a nice drive after we finish here. The weather sucks, but at least we have each other. On a count of 3, go: "Awwwwwww!"

Oh, Patricia is finally referring to the house as "home" now. That feels really nice.

Have a good one, my furry friends.


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