Saturday, October 17, 2009

974th Post - At The DeCoste Centre

Welcome to the town of Pictou!

Second time here today. We had lunch up the street. Upon returning to the cottage, we watched Tarantino's "Jackie Brown".

Finished transcribing the DH interview 5 minutes before we left to come here to see Bluenose Comedy Tour. They sold out in Halifax. So far, with just over 20 minutes to show time, there are 6 of us here! There should be a mad rush here shortly.

Oh, 5 more showed up. The party can start.

Should be a good show. Saw one of these guys here a year ago and he killed us. Really. He killed us. Dead.

Is the bar open yet?

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Saroya said...

There is a party? Halifax that is just a wee far from Seattle Washington.. but have fun

Bevboy said...

Thanks, Saroya.

How did you find my blog, anyway?

Thanks for following mine. Hope you keep reading it.