Monday, October 19, 2009

976th Post - Interview Updates

Just a quick post tonight.

First day back to work after a vacation is always rough for me. Go ahead and cry for me. I don't mind. Waauuggh!

I had a headache by day's end. Took a little nap this evening. Which means that I'll be up all night now. It's now 11:16pm, and if I get to sleep before 1 ayem, I'll be doing well.

Acquired a "new" coffeemaker after work this evening. Viva la freecycle! A woman was giving it away after she'd won a programmable coffeemaker through her work. We benefit. Perfect timing because the coffeemaker I bought at a yardsale for 2 bucks a couple of years ago is starting to act up. Still works, but the on/off switch is stuck in the on position. It's also a 12 cup coffeemaker, whereas the one I got today is just 6, which is perfect for us. And it's white, and Patricia prefers that.

I am going to get xp installed on my asus computer tomorrow. The external cd rom drive I have here at home is a piece of crap. For 20 bucks, a local company will install a legal copy of xp for me. 40 bucks more and they'll upgrade the ram to 2 gig, from 512mb. I'll still be stuck with an 8gig ssd, but one can't have everything. About 6gig will be available to me after the clean xp install. As long as I can surf with it and use stuff like open office, I'll be happy.

I emailed the DH interview typescript to DH this morning. By 3:30 this afternoon, he had written me back, having read it from top to bottom! He asked me to fix a couple of typo's, mostly names I had incorrectly assumed were spelled a way they weren't. I made those changes this evening.

I will have to source websites for the things and names he mentions, and try to find youtube videos for the recordings artists he discusses with such enthusiasm and passion. I am not familiar with most of those artists and want to hear that music anyway.

11:25 now. Up for work in 6 hours.

Tick tock.


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