Monday, October 26, 2009

984th Post - A Pretty Dull Day

I try to fill these blog posts with interesting comments and so on. But, honest, folks, I didn't do much today. I worked. I spent my lunch hour reading over the DH interview to try to identify typos as well as identify places where I can add hyperlinks and embed videos. You'll see both a John Hiatt and Ozzy Osbourne video in this interview, folks.

I have spent the last two and a half hours this evening sourcing those websites and sticking them into a wordpad file. I should have used notepad, come to think of it. I'll fix it before I call it a night, which will be soon.

One thing you readers will have to keep in mind is that, more often than not, if you only see a brief blog post some evening, it meant that I spent a few hours that day transcribing an interview, massaging one, or doing some of the things I listed in the first paragraph. It all takes time. Trust me: I produce these interviews as fast as I can. But, if you're a fan of radio in the Annapolis Valley, you will love the DH interview!

I can't promise that the DH interview will be posted tomorrow. I will promise to try to post it on Tuesday.



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