Wednesday, October 28, 2009

986th Post - More Odds and Sods

It's late and I should have gone to bed some time ago.

Got some potentially disturbing news tonight that will surely rob me of sleep. My father has taken one recent fall too many and broke a bone in his neck. He will have an MRI tomorrow and then likely be transferred to Halifax.

My sister may have H1N1. It is not confirmed yet, although my mother thinks it was. My sis is home resting and should be fine.

Have had more feedback on the Darrin Harvey interview than any other. I appreciate that. It is easy for me to think that I produce these in a vacuum and that few notice that the blog or these interviews exist. But Darrin seems to have a special pull with his buds, to the point where many of them are commenting about the interview on facebook, and even posting comments on this blog, which is great.

My friend Les has suggested a new approach for future blog posts, and I'm gonna investigate it. Windows Live Writer is sworn by, by a lot of bloggers. Had never really heard of it before, but it looks promising. I produce blog posts on many different computers, but mostly my home one in my office. But I still do them at work on my lunch hour, or even on my little asus netbook. WLW will allow me to write posts offline, using the existing blogger layout that I have set up.

One question I can't find the answer to, though: What is causing the embedded youtube videos to be changed behind the scenes? I distinctly set them up to allow for a full screen mode. Today, though, I notice that they all changed to the point where I can't blow them up to full screen; I have to watch them the same size as they are when I click on them. I can't figure out why. If any of you guys know what I may be doing wrong, and what I can do to fix this from happening again, you'll have my attention and appreciation.

I have already started work on another blog interview. TB's interview will be long, but not as long as Darrin's. Lots of great radio stories, though. I know you'll enjoy it when it's published sometime in November.

Ciao for now.


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