Wednesday, November 4, 2009

992nd Post - Get These Out of Your Head

We all have songs that we like enough to sing along to them. I am not sure if my vocalized stylings could be characterized as singing. "Caterwauling" is more like it.

But one song I have enjoyed since the 1980's, and which I still like a lot (mostly because it doesn't get played to death on the radio) is Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills". If you want to take the time to listen to the lyrics, it seems to be about how white men have treated native people so shabbily.

When I hear the song on the radio, I turn it up. This evening, after Toastmasters, I booted up youtube and played several versions of the song. This is my favourite, from Rockin' in Rio. I hope you like it.

Another song I can't get out of my head, try as I might, is for a local taxi company. It is hard to remember their phone numbers. From time to time, this company is the official taxi provider to the provincial government. It changes from year to year. I think it's Yellow Cab this year, but I just can't remember and don't worry my pretty little head about it.

At any rate, once you hear this song, which has been played on local radio and television since the 1970's(!), you'll have a hard time forgetting the number to... Casino Taxi!

The song was originally done by Joe Murphy and the Water Street Blues Band, a long time ago. They were paid a few hundred dollars to write and produce the song, which was their only compensation. And yet, 30+ years later, you have a hard time not hearing the song on any given day.

You non-Haligonians: You're lucky!


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