Saturday, November 7, 2009

994th Post - One Last Cottage Visit

Greetings from the Press Room in the town of Pictou. I drove up to the cottage this morning and will be here until Sunday afternoon. We are shutting the place down for another year, over the next several days.

People keep thinking that we are rich because we have 2 households. Nope. Not the case at all. And there are time when it can be a pain in the ass. Coming up in November to deal with the cottage is one of those times.

We hire a plumber to remove the pressure tank from underneath the cottage because the last one mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. The water pipes are all drained.

We also have to remove the things that we would prefer to keep in the city. We'll remove the battery from the lawn tractor. We'll get rid of the food we no longer want. We'll turn up the heat so that we don't freeze our scrogies off. And we'll pray that the ATV in the next lot drops off the face of the earth.

Time to head back to the cottage. 2 weeks of "Dancing with the Stars" to watch. Life is good.


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