Monday, November 9, 2009

996th Post - Deadwood Gag Reels

How many of you remember "Deadwood", which ran on HBO from 2004 to 2006? We loved the show, although it's not for everybody, to put it mildly. It was probably the most realistic Western show ever. There are probably no Western movies that are more realistic than Deadwood was.

Deadwood was a very frank look at the town of Deadwood as it tries to become civilized, going from a lawless community to one where laws are upheld. The language is raw and violent, but also picaresque, with a Shakespearean quality to it. This was done on purpose as creator David Milch knew that language in mining camps was outrageous. He also cited local newspapers and books of the day, with its florid prose. Combining the two types of language made sense to him.

There is no guarantee that the actual words uttered by characters on the show were used by people a hundred plus years ago. However, Milch wanted the words to be as shocking to us as the words they used back then would have been to visitors to Deadwood. Those words may not be nearly as upsetting to us now, with our 21st century mentality.

There were supposed to be 4 seasons of the show. During season 2, it was renewed for seasons 3 and 4. Something happened to make HBO decide not to go forward with season 4. I think that reason was season 3, which was dull and lifeless compared with the first 2. HBO promised 2 tv movies to wrap up the loose ends, but they have never materialized and are now unlikely to.

We have those 36 episodes to sustain us, and they will have to do. They, and these gag reels I found on youtube just now. There is a gag reel for season 1, but the audio has been removed, which is most of the fun.

You can tell when actors blow a line on Deadwood. They DON'T swear!

Season 2:

Season 3:

More tonight,if you're good.


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