Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Post 1000 - A Time For Change!

Hi, everyone. Welcome to the 1000th post of Bevboy's Blog. Or, rather, Post 1000 of Bevboy's Blog!

I swear to you, I had no idea the blog would last this long. When this hit post 300 or 400, I would write that I felt that I was just hitting my stride. Well, the wind got knocked out of my sails by some personal stuff a couple of weeks ago; but I am getting better and still feel that there are many more things I want to write about on this here blog.

The direction of the blog has changed since I started it. I still write about the things that annoy me. I still write about radio a lot. But the biggest change is probably the interviews, which I started with post 200 in April of 2008. If I had had any idea that they would become what they have, and that radio folks would be contacting ME for an interview rather than the other way around, then I would have wondered why. I guess it's because, while thousands and thousands of people listen to the radio every day, and to the dedicated professionals who toil in the medium, the public knows little about them. I hope that the interviews have been interesting enough for you to learn something about these folks. And I hope that the professionals have enjoyed the behind-the-scenes stories.

I am transcribing one interview now; another one is on my digital voice recorder awaiting transcription. Other radio folks have expressed interest.

The lovely Krista Cook of Seaside FM was kind enough to send me a note on the occasion of post 1000. Here it is:

I think that Bev’s Blog is vitally important in capturing radio history. Not only does Bev do in-depth interviews but he does it all for the love of radio. He is to be congratulated on his efforts. Best wishes for many more blogs.

Thank you, Krista. That means a lot to me. I look forward to sharing the Clive Schafer interview with my readers that you set up for me.

I have decided, as you can see, to change the layout of the blog and its "motto". I was tired of the solid blue background. Not that easy to read. And it was tiresome to read "Hard to say. Easy to conceptualize" all the time.

I have also changed the picture logo on the blog (and my facebook). The picture of me when I was 11 has served me very well. It is fun. It will be used again, sometime, somewhere; but I have decided to go in a different direction.

I recently hired a professional caricaturist (I spelled that right the first time! Yay!) to produce some drawings of me, based upon the style of me as an 11 year old. It's a little hard to describe, but I wanted Don Pinsent to take the picture of me when I was 11 and draw a caricature of it. It will be the new logo for the blog.

When an interview runs, you will see the picture of me as an 11 year old listening to an old-fashioned crystal radio set. It will be one of the drawings that accompany the interview. I bet Don had fun finding a decent picture of a crystal radio set on the internet. It looks like it might work, though.

Just for fun, I also got Don to draw a picture of me now, as a 45 year old, but in the style of the pic of me as an 11 year old. Same hair style. Same ugly ass suit and tie and shirt. Same grin and glasses. Just with wrinkles and bigger ears.

Don prepared some sketches of me, for me. I thought I'd share them with you. He thought I still had a beard when I don't for example. In another, he got my eyebrows and nose wrong.

The black and white picture is one I'll use for the inevitable Bevboy's Blog business cards which I am developing. It is high time I had some, wouldn't you say? If nothing else, I can put them in one of those fish bowls I see in downtown Halifax restaurants where they ask you to drop in a business card in the hopes of winning a free lunch. Free is good. Don't ever forget that.

The other change I'm making to the blog is in the titles. I am tired of writing ordinal numbers in the blog titles (first, second, 33rd, and so on), and am changing them to cardinal numbers (1000, 1001, and so on). I don't want to write, down the road, "1234th Post"; it will instead be, "Post 1234". It will give a consistency of post titling, since each post will begin with "Post", rather than an ordinal version of the number. Besides, ordinal numbers are adjectives, and cardinal ones denote quantity which is what the blog post title means. Easier to write, too.

I am excited and proud of what I have done so far with Bevboy's Blog.

But, you know something?

I am just clearing my throat.

I am just warming up the keyboard.

I am just getting started.

Come along for the ride with me, won't you?



theajthomas said...

From now on Remembrance Day will also signif for me the passing of "Hard to say. Easy to conceptualize." So long fair slogan, I shall always love thee *snif*

Congrats man.

Bevboy said...

At the very moment you were posting a message to my blog, I was posting one to yours.

Good luck with the upcoming move.

And I meant no dig as I know you helped with the last blog motto. But I needed a change.

Thanks for the congrats, man. Seeya soon.

Candace said...

Congratulations on Post 1000. I love the drawings too.

Darrin M. Harvey said...

Big congrats on 1000 man! Thanks for doing what you do.

Bevboy said...

Thanks, Darren. Appreciate the kind words. Getting lots of good feedback on the blog changes so far.

I was treated like a rock star when I saw you at K-Rock a couple of weeks ago. Felt pretty good.

Keep reading the blog!


Bevboy said...

Thanks for the feedback as well, Candace. How are things in Korea?