Thursday, November 12, 2009

Post 1001 - Internet Shminternet!

I spent some time yesterday before I wrote posts 998, 999 and 1000 installing and configuring a new wireless router. Got a good deal on a wireless N router on Tuesday and figured that would solve the problems with my internet connection.

It did, for a few hours. I was able to watch youtube videos on this computer as well as on the asus eee, do some downloads at an inoffensive speed, and just enjoy having a high speed internet connection.

Wednesday night, however, shortly after I finished and posted post 1000 and devised the new blog template, the friggin' internet slowed down to a speed that would shame the lowliest postal worker. Youtube videos were coughing and wheezing like a five pack a day runner: I'd see 3 seconds of a video, followed by 15 seconds of buffering and a few more seconds of the video. And so on.

It's no way to run a life. I need this internet connection for my work. It is not acceptable to have this situation.

I called customer support just now. The first time I tried, I couldn't even establish a connection to the internet. Firefox and IE just froze and I had to shut them down. I turned off the computer, unplugged and then plugged back in the router and comtrend adsl modem. After that, I could establish a connection, but it sure was slow. The CSR had me do a test download and tell her what rate it was downloading at. I told her the number fluctuated, but it was in the 80 and 90 kb per second range. She said it was horrible, along the lines of a dial up connection!

Looks like I will have to be here on Monday to get this fixed. Not sure what to bill this to. Kevin reads this.

Kevin: I need to be home on Monday between 8 and 5 to get my connection fixed. I'll be at work as soon as they have it up and running. Patricia has doctors appointments and can't hang back. Is it ok if I stay home and get this working? I do need it as you know. Pretty please?



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kevin.tillman said...

Hey, you'll find my answer in one of the pages of this book:

hmmm, I cant quite remember which page though.

See you on Tuesday.