Sunday, November 15, 2009

Post 1003 - It's Chris Mills' Fault

I was just checking out my facebook a few minutes ago and noticed Chris Mills' facebook update:

Wainy and windy out there, but it's warm in the wadio station...

Which got me to thinking about... Elmer Fudd, of course!

I remember a comedy album, back in the days when comedians would record albums for commercial release that is, by Robin Williams. It was called, "Reality. What a concept." I am pretty sure my friend Reg bought it, and we played it on my record player, back when I had a record player that is. I have long since forgotten everything else on the album; Reg would have too, I'd imagine. But we both recall William's hysterical impression of Elmer Fudd singing a song by Bruce Springsteen: "Fire".

Williams has performed this song live, and I am sharing it with you now.

Chris, look at what you've done!!


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Reg Schofield said...

I do recall a bit of it.That was funny , thanks for the laugh . Good times indeed .