Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Post 1006 - Success!

I feel less foolish this evening.

I am not happy about the situation, but I restored linux on my asus eee pc. I was told that XP would run just fine on that computer, but such proved not to be the case. It was never fast, but the performance degraded to such a degree in the last few days that the computer became unusable to me I came thisclose to tossing it out the window, literally.

I don't have an external drive for the computer, so I had to use my main pc to copy all the linux files to a 2g thumb drive. That didn't work because I couldn't get the discs to load under Vista. I had an old laptop around the house, running XP, so I used that to copy linux to the thumb drive. I loaded the thumb drive in the asus, pressed ESC as the computer powered up, and told it to boot from the thumb drive. The rest was a simple matter of loading linux. The computer is running fine now, and I'll keep that linux iso on the thumb drive should I need it again.

I am not the biggest linux fan in the world. People reading this just love it, but I don't see the point. It seems like a half-baked operating system to me whose interface is not exactly intuitive. You want to list the files at the equivalent of a dos prompt? LS will do that for you. Yeah. Makes sense to me. A few commands are pretty similar to the ones I know and love from my DOS days, but downloading and installing software is not something I look forward to doing. Repositories. Run specialized get commands. Unpacking. Yeah. Makes sense to me. Some people love linux the same way that some people love rutabaga or eggplant: They're allowed to; they have the right to; but I don't necessarily want to know about it.

Yes. I'm ready to be mocked at coffee on Thursday, boys. Bring it on!

I started feeling crappy on Tuesday afternoon, and those symptoms became amplified last night and this morning. I took a sick day. Despite all the sleep I got today, I am still not feeling that swift.

Up early tomorrow morning to get my car inspected. That's always fun. They ALWAYS find something. I could buy a 2010 model car today, drive it to a garage for an inspection tomorrow, and they would still find something.

Time to watch Heather Locklear on Melrose Place. I know where my priorities are!


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