Friday, November 20, 2009

Post 1007 - Cottage Life in November

Sorry I didn't write last evening. I am still getting over whatever made me sick enough on Wednesday to take a sick day. I was in bed very early and slept in quite late.

We drove up to the cottage this morning, for the final time in 2009. I swear! This time we mean it. No crap. We may drop by to check the place out, but we won't stay there any more until 2010.

This weekend will consist of removing the battery from the lawn tractor, sleep, clean the place up, sleep, toss out the food we no longer want, and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

I type these words at the River John library on my asus eee pc. Patricia is at another table using an official c@p site computer. Me? I'm just hopping on the open network the library provides. I must say that this c0mputer is running a lot better since I did the reinstall of Linux the other night.

Today is Patricia's birthday. We were at Lismore Sheep Farms a little while ago and told her to pick out a pair of slippers for herself and I'd pay for them. She did, and I did.

Getting hungry.

Time to go back to the cottage and see Oprah make her big announcement!


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