Sunday, November 22, 2009

Post 1009 - Ghost Walk

I'm back in the city after a very restful weekend at the cottage, the last one I'll have in 2009.

I was thinking about the Ghost Walk I went on this summer with Patricia as I drove back this afternoon. We had wanted to go back on the walk around Hallowe'en but we didn't.

The best one is conducted by Andy Smith, a professional actor you may have seen on television or in locally-produced films. As an actor, he would know how to conduct himself and express himself in an interesting manner. The stories, while hogwash, are interesting if you want to hear stories about old time Halifax, which I sure do.

At one point, we were on the corner of Bishop and Hollis Street. Andy told the story of how Government House had once had its entrance facing Hollis, only to move it to Barrington Street because of all the hookers who have historically plied their trade on Hollis. Andy pointed to the empty lot behind us and mentioned the brothel that had once been on that site. "Ada", I said, and Andy smiled. I told him I had a documentary on tape somewhere about the notorious Ada McCallum. He gave me his card and asked me to get him a copy of that show. I still haven't found it, Andy. Give me a bit more time.

Anyway, I thought you might like to see a bit ofAndy in action, courtesy of his daughter and youtube. They are standing in talking in front of the building that I work in. Small world indeed.



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