Friday, November 27, 2009

Post 1016 - Welcome to Bilbo

Hi, everyone.

I just downloaded a new blog development tool on my asus. Windows Live Writer won't run on a linux-based computer. There is no shortage of similar tools on linux. I decided on an interim basis to go with Bilbo.

I understand that the Tolien estate has contacted the manufacturers of this software, forcing the developers to rename it to... Bilblio? I can't remember the name. I'll get it for you because I know that you need to know.

For those who've forgotten, or didn't know, these blog tools are useful for times when you're offline, like at the cottage, and still want to write a decent blog post. I can develop it here, preview it so that I know it looks pretty, and publish it when I am internet range again.

I daresay I will use this tool a lot, should I like it. There are competing products a couple of touchpad taps away and can use them if I want to.

So far, it is fun to use Bilbo, or whatever it's called.

Gotta go. Seeya.


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