Friday, December 4, 2009

Post 1023 - Christmas Tie, Day One

This is the second year of my doing this. I have received many comments, a few of them positive, regarding my wearing a different Christmas-related tie every day at work this month, up and including December 24th.

I will put one picture up a day here. The bulk of the pictures will be up on my facebook.

This was taken on December 1st. My thanks for Jenn for her expert camera use.

As ugly ass as this tie is, you haven't seen anything yet. You'll be gouging your eyes out in a week or two. You'll be praying to whatever deity you believe in for me to stop. But I won't. I won't! I am an unstoppable force, and by definition I cannot be swayed from my single-minded (maybe simple-minded) determination to destroy sartorial tradition in the fair city of Halifax.

Every day. A different Christmas tie. Yeah. I dare. Do you dare, come along for the ride with me, every work day this month?

Well, do ya? Punk!

More in a bit.


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