Friday, December 4, 2009

Post 1024 - Christmas Tie, Day Two

It seems like just a moment ago I was composing post 1023.

Oh, wait a minute. It WAS just a moment ago.


Day two pictures were also taken by the lovely Jane. I'd give her last name out, but she has two last names. Some know her by one; some know her by the other. Doesn't confuse me in the least. Nope. Not at all.

Anyway, we decided to take these pictures by the work Christmas tree, or "holiday tree" as I guess I should call it. We had decorated it on December 1st as part of our eating and drinking orgy. The last time I had seen so much food, I was still able to stand up, look down, and see my feet. Yeah. That long ago.

Jane told me to be funky and spirited in posing for these pictures, and I cheerfully complied. She doesn't know this, but I have a... thing for "holiday trees". The way they look. The way they smell. That come hither glint from the garland. The branches as they coquettishly sway in the breeze. It's hard to put it into words that won't make the whole situation seem unnatural, so I think I'll stop right here, as difficult as that may be.

It was a pleasure to pose for Day Two of my Christmas Tie Marathon!!

More in a bit, after my cold shower.



theajthomas said...

While I get the idea behind referring to this time of years as the generic "holidays" I can't wrap my brian around "holiday tree." So stupid. It's a Christmas thing call it a Christmas tree. You never hear anyone talking about seasonal menorah or festive kwanzaa um thing.

Bevboy said...

I agree, bud. We do call it a Christmas tree. I just wanted to show a bit of dramatic license.

Keep reading the blog, A.J. How's the house selling going?