Friday, December 4, 2009

Post 1025 - Christmas Tie, Day Three

Welcome to the continuing stttooooorrryyyy of Bevboy's Christmas ties. Long-time and patient readers will dimly recall that I have resolved to wear a different Christmas-related tie to work every day leading up to and including Christmas tie. Not for any particular reason other than the fact that I am in a union and they can't fire me.

Day Three was yesterday, December 3rd. Gillian from our work had asked on Facebook if it would be acceptable if she wore an off-the-shoulder dress. I think my reply was something like, "Yes! Oh, God, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!! Please! Don't make me beg!!" Or words to that effect. Maybe I was a little more subdued in my comments because I am a shy retiring type not known to make waves or call attention to himself.

Yesterday, I arrived at work and saw her right away. She saw me and laughed, recounting to my work chums the comments I had made on her Facebook. I grabbed my digital camera and had someone, frig knows who, take a couple of pictures.

I say I don't remember who took the pictures because I had long been pondering the sobering situation in the Middle East. It has been keeping me awake at night, ladies and gentlemen, and those thoughts weighed heavily on my weary mind as whoever it was took those pictures. Oh, sure, I'm smiling in these pictures. But, trust me, ladies and gentlemen: My mind was elsewhere.

The humanity, ladies and gentlemen. The humanity.

And let's think of the children. My God. The children.

More in a bit.


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