Saturday, December 5, 2009

Post 1027- A Busy Day!

Back in the city after a quick trip to the Valley to see my parents. My mother wanted to go shopping, so I took her.

We left the house just past 9:30. We didn't return until 4:45 or so. In between I took my dad to a bakery in Cambridge before returning to New Minas for a lunch at the (ugh!) New Minas Big Stop. The food gets worse there every time I go, but my parents insist on it, and I want to placate him.

We dropped off my father at the house so that he could rest. We returned to New Minas so that groceries could be purchased. While there, I ran into GT, who's the subject of an upcoming blog interview. He promised to go over the interview transcript soon so that it can be published. It's an excellent interview, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

Returned to the city a little while ago. Patricia spent much of the afternoon at the Paula Gallant 40th birthday party. She, of course, is the local teacher found murdered in the trunk of her car. People still keep googling her name and finding a blog post I wrote about her about 2 years ago. Now, they'll find this one.

Composing this post on Bilbo, which I am liking more and more.

Off to bed. Gonna be a busy day tomorrow!


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