Sunday, December 6, 2009

Post 1029 - Halifax Explosion

Today marks the 92nd anniversary of the Halifax explosion. I thought I'd poke around on the net and find some Nova Scotia historical links for you. You're welcome.

The people at The Heritage Trust Nova Scotia are well meaning, but the perception is that they stand in the way of progress. I can see both sides of the argument. Why they, and others, fought tooth and nail over an empty parking lot which used to house a parkade that had fallen on hard times, is beyond me. Of course, it's also beyond me why, having finally been granted permission to go ahead and erect the "twisted sisters", the owners of the property haven't lifted a finger to do so.

These guys put out a publication called the Griffin, and several years of it are online for free downloads. An issue from March of 2002 writes about a building at the corner of Hollis and Morris Streets that is slated to be torn down any day now. They filmed part of a Kelsey Grammer movie here in the late 1990's. There was an article about that building in the paper last week.

They haven't updated the list of issues of the Griffin for download in a while. If I were you, I'd download them all. Drive space is cheap. Webstorage can be free.

And the Nova Scotia Archives does a very creditable job showing thousands of images of our fair province. You can spend hours there. I keep meaning to spend a vacation day or an EDO there trying to find news about people like Norm Riley. Today, of course, they are spotlighting the explosion. Here's the link.

Should go spend some time with Patricia.


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