Monday, December 7, 2009

Post 1030 - Christmas Tie, Day Five

Welcome to day 5 of my Christmas tie marathon. For no other reason than I just plain wanna, I will wear a different Christmas tie to my work every day through December 24th.

I am still wearing ties I bought on sale at Wal*Mart back in January. I have I think 7 such ties, so there are 2 more after today. After then, I will commence wearing ties that I wore during last year's marathon.

Over the weekend I added a "Christmas" label to this blog. You can just click on the label somewhat to the right of this post and see all the Christmas-related posts this blog has generated. Among them will be tie posts from a year ago.

Of course, the 3 pictures taken today are on my facebook. There aren't many Bev Keddy's in Halifax, folks. I am not that hard to find.

The lovely Jane took today's pictures. Thank you, Jane. And I finally remember who took the pictures on Day 3. It was the lovely and talented John. I was so deeply engrossed in the Middle East situation that I didn't take note of who took the pictures of me and... the other person. I think the other person was a girl, though. Can't remember. Damn Middle East situation!

Tomorrow's pictures should be a special treat for you all. They will be taken elsewhere in the city. Look for them.

Have a good day, folks!!


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