Saturday, December 12, 2009

Post 1037 - Operation Rednose

I thumb these words at the Operation Rednose headquarters in Dartmouth. I am working dispatch tonight, probably until 4am or so Sunday morning. I hope to be in bed by 4:30 tomorrow morning.

Didn't write yesterday. Spent hours and hours yesterday playing with the asus, trying to get an instant message client going. No luck at all. I seldom even use instant messaging. It was a pride thing.

Turns out I had to fiddle and fart with the wireless router. Had to open up a port, which I had heard Jack Bauer order Chloey to do on 24. I had never done it. But I figured it out and now I can message my cousin. Could email him or msg him through facebook. But, no! Had to be this pidgin client.

They just opened the phone lines. Gotta go.

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