Monday, December 14, 2009

Post 1039 - Christmas Tie, Day Nine

Welcome to day 9 of the improbable journey I launched myself on nearly 2 weeks ago.  I work 17 days between December 1st and the 24th.  17 of the homeliest ties you can imagine, taken in different contexts, just because I wanna. 
This one was taken in my director's office a few minutes ago.  Her name is Penny (which she tells me is short for Nickel, ha ha), and it's her last day in her present office.  Later on today, she moves across the street to be with the other directors, where they will plot and scheme up all kinds of fun things to bring joy and delight to my life for the upcoming year. 

Being her last day, Penny/Nickel decided to buy us all donuts.  She went through the Fall River Tim Hortons drive through ordering several dozen donuts.  Knowing she was incurring the wrath of the driver behind her, she offered to pay for the donuts and coffee that he might want.  Only a woman would do that.  Men?  We don't care about the feelings of others. 

Today's picture was taken by Gillian, with whom I posed on Christmas Tie, Day Three.  See?  It's all starting to come together.

BTW, this is the first blog post in which I'm using the new blog post editor.  It, like me, is pretty sweet.

Tomorrow's tie will be a challenge to my manhood.  Wednesday's will be just silly.  No idea what I'll do for Thursday yet.   If you have suggestions, send them along.

More later.  I know you want pictures of the Christmas tree once it's decorated.


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