Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post 1040 - Christmas Tie, Day Ten

Welcome to the tenth day of my Christmas tie marathon.  I was busy as heck Tuesday afternoon, and didn't return from a trip to the Annapolos Valley until late on Tuesday evening.  I felt so crappy after that little trip that I wasn't up to composting a post.  Took a sick day today.  So, I'm late posting the tenth picture in this series.  That means just six more pics in this year's series. 

This picture was a compromise I was disappointed to have to make.   A manager at my work has this piece of mistletoe hanging from his office entrance.  I thought it would be funny not to have a couple of women pretend to kiss me (as much as the women in my office all want to!  They do!  I don't feel safe in my office, folks!  Help me!), but to have a couple of guys do it.  Lots of men in my office read this blog and tell me that they enjoy it.  This was their chance for a measure of posterity.  They could have been somebody.  They could have been a contender.

But they all chickened out.

Every last one of them.

Instead, on Monday afternoon, I reluctantly decided to print off 2 colour images of myself, two of the caricatures I had hired Don Pinsent to do a few months ago, and have them held up on either side of me, while I look surprised.  Really funny, huh?  Yeah.  I'm laughing on the inside.

Holding up the pics are  Gillian (on the left), and Andrea (on the right).  The lovely John had the guts to take the picture at least.

I'll have another fine picture for you tomorrow.  Pay day.  Woo hoo!


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