Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Post 1047 - Christmas Tie, Day Fourteen

This series of photographs was especially important, as they preceeded an important family discussion I am not prepared to discuss here on the blog, at least not for a while.  This levity was important to me, if not to Glenda, who took the pics, or my mother, who's posing with me.

I drove up to the Valley this morning for this important meeting thing.  Had the meeting. Visited Dad in the hospital. Returned to the family home, where I picked up a telephone I'd bought for Mom on Saturday that she didn't like.  Got the money back and drove to nearby Coldbrook to a ... well, I guess it's a department store, but it has the oddest, most eclectic stuff you can imagine.  They had a bin full of books there today, containing tomes mostly from Dorchester Publications, two of whose book clubs I'm in.  I found some Leisure fiction there I didn't have, and didn't even know about it (Leisure is an imprint of Dorchester Publications).  Like I said: This is an eclectic store.   I got another phone for Mom, in a colour she liked, for less money than the one she'd bought at Wally Mart 3 days ago.  And it seems to work better than this other phone did.  She's happy, and, therefore, I am happy, too.

Returned to the city, ate something, surfed a bit, and got Patricia to take a pic or two of Newbie and me by the tree.  Newbie is by my left shoulder now, in a box I keep on the table next to my desk.

A very long day!  Not as productive as I would have liked.  And more than a little frustrating.  But it's on the right side of the dirt, so it could have been worse.

I'll write a bit more in a bit.  Got some interesting mail today!


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