Thursday, December 24, 2009

Post 1051 - Christmas Tie, Day Sixteen (The Final Day!)

The final day of our journey, ladies and gentlemen!

It is Christmas Eve Day.  Even though I overslept and therefore left the house late, I sailed right into work.  People are off today, either shopping or wrapping or attending a children's Christmas party, liike folks are downstairs. 

I got my friend Elliott to take today's pictures.  For a change, I am posting all  the pictures that were taken today, all 5 of them. 

This month began with me hugging a wall here at work.  These pictures end with me posing on our boardroom table, like last year, only with a much better camera.  I have met the mayor, posed on top of city hall, stood in front of a mammoth display, frozen my ass off in front of a restaurant, had my picture taken with the minister of this department.  I have been so blessed, so lucky, to have had so many interesting opportunities to have my pic taken in so many contexts this month. 

I can hardly wait until next December!!

Thank you for reading these self-indulgent posts, folks.  I have appreciated your support and kind words with these Christmas ties.  I look forward to the January Wally Mart sales where I can perhaps pick up another discounted tie or 9. 

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Tomorrow, if I have time: A special Christmas post!


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