Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post 1053 - The Day After

What happens to me during the holidays?  Almost every year?


Got sick.

Throat got scratchy on Thursday.  I figured I was just tired, which I was.  During Christmas Day, I felt crappier and crappier.  Today, Boxing Day, I felt that much worse.  I slept a large part of the day away.

Did open prezzies, though.

Got a pair of slippers and fancy pillows from Liscombe Sheep Farm in Pictou County.  Got the Complete National Geographic on dvd, which means that my cd rom version of the same is up for grabs.  Know anybody who wants it, quite cheap?

Got several gift cards from my sister and my parents.  Between Patricia and me, we have 65 dollars in gift cards from the Bulk Barn.  That is just about enough to buy out the entire store, twice, unless Patricia decides to load up on chia seeds again, in which case a second mortgage on the house might be in the offing. 

We went to lunch at Smitty's in Bayer's Lake/Clayton Park today.  Or, we would have, had it not been so busy.  So, instead, we went to Cora's in Clayton Park, which took us right in and which had plenty of space for two hungry Timberlea-ites.

Came back here, and took a nap.  Patricia was checking out refrigerator prices online.  When I woke up, hours later, she was watching tv and told me to go back to bed.  Instead, I came down here to the computer room and installed some adventure games I bought the other week.  A couple of them don't work, period.  But a couple more look like fun indeed.

I am so far behind on gaming that it is hard to know where to start.  I used to play Doom and Wolfenstein and Heretic.  Loved blasting demons, pretending they were some of the people I used to work with.   But I never kept up on it, so today I don't know what the current adventure games are, or first person shooter games are, or anything like that.  If anyone has any suggestions for such games, please submit them as comments to this blog post.

Got a lot of nice comments on yesterday's blog post.  Feels nice.

Took many pictures and much video yesterday.  Will post a bit of it here, soon.

Good night.


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