Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post 1058 - Penultimate Day of the Year

Yes, I'm still alive.  Thanks for your concern.

I didn't write yesterday because I was still sick and took a day off work.  I spent the day resting and watching episodes of Dexter, season 4.  I fell behind on the show after episode 2 of season 3.  I watch all of seasons 3 and 4 over the last week or so.  There are advantages to being sick, I guess!

My frig, the season ender to the fourth season of Dexter was amazing, as shocking as the internet bloggers have been trumpeting.

I think I mentioned that I had wanted to buy a couple of ebook readers: One for me, one for Patricia.  But Costco had sold out of them in a hurry.  This has been a North American-wide problem as manufacturers have underestimated demand for these devices.  They're becoming affordable and attractive to the average consumer for the first time. 

Costco was going to get more in, with a delivery date of December 23.  They didn't show up before Christmas, so I reluctantly bought other things for Patricia, which she said she enjoyed.  When I told her what I had wanted to buy her, her face lit up at the possibility of having an ebook reader.

A staff person at Costco gave me the number for the local store as well as the sku number for the Aluratek libre ebook reader.  Every day since Sunday, I called.  Nope.  Not in yet.

This morning, after coffee,I half-heartedly called again.  This time, they had "10 on hand".  I called Patricia, home today.  She said she would go and get 2, and hung up on me.  Cool!

She called me 30 minutes later from the Costco.  Apparently, they hadn't been processed yet, whatever that means.  I called them again, and got someone named Florence to confirm that they were "on hand".  Armed with the woman's name, Patricia spoke to someone in customer service, who repeated that they were still not processed.  She took Patricia's name and number and promised to call when they were out.

This afternoon, she called to tell me that our internet was not working.  An hour later, she called back and told me to come right home after work, 3 times.  I asked her why she had said it so many times.  "Well, I want you to see the new ebook reader I got!"

Costco had called and said that the items were now out.  I think they felt badly for misinforming Patricia earlier.  Even though they do  not normally do this, they agreed to put 2 aside for Patricia, asking when she could come in to pick them up.  "By the time you hang up the phone", Patricia said, and hung up.  16 minutes later, she presented herself to the person who had called her, she bought them, and got them home and called me.

One is her  belated Christmas present.  The other is gonna be my birthday present, and it will be  a rough 7 weeks waiting to get that prezzy.   I just have to pretend that Patricia got one of them today.

Besides, I get to play with hers.  Hee hee.


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