Thursday, December 31, 2009

Post 1059 - Happy (Almost) New Year

The last day of 2009.  I am at work, along with about 3 other people here in the office.  Most people have wisely decided to take the day off. 

I knew it would be one of those days when I forgot my pass card this morning.  I usually make fun of those people, skipping merrily past them as they bang their heads against the door trying to get in; but today I was one of them.  Payback is a beach. 

I won a four pass to go to Big Leagues Beverage Room tonight, New Year's Eve; but we decided we would rather go to a movie.  I managed to find someone here at work who could actually use the passes.  It's a long drive, and we'd rather see "Sherlock Holmes" and be back home early to watch the 2010 come in on television.  Are we middle-aged or something?

At the end of the year, it is natural to take stock of where one is, and where one wants to go.  I'll do that for a few paragraphs about this silly blog of mine.

I started it a bit more than 2 years ago, and already have 1059 posts, in about 800 days.  Averaging more than one post every single day was not what I had in mind when I started, but I took my cue from Joan Rivers, who visited Halifax a couple of years ago and who spoke of her own blog.  She said that a blog is something that should be updated every day, or close to it.  If you neglect it one day, it is that much easier not to write something the next.  This can snowball into its becoming such a chore to maintain that it withers and dies on the vine.  I have worked too hard to make Bevboy's Blog a place that 30 or 40 of you visit every day that I don't want to take that daily visit away from you.

If someone had told me, in 2007, that I would have a blog, and that I would be using it to interview people in the local radio industry, and that I would be embedding videos and scores of website links in these interviews, and that my name would start getting around to the point where local jocks would start contacting ME to interview them ("I know you're busy, Bev, but I'd love to sit down for an interview sometime.") then I would have told them to take two aspirin and call their physicians when the room stopped spinning.  I had no idea, when I sat down with my friend Deb Smith in April of 2008, that I was embarking on a journey which would cost me in excess of one thousand dollars (the new camera and video and audio equipment, the lunches, the gas) to document these people's lives and careers.  Two interviews are with their subjects for final vetting.  Four more people (DC, NB, PH, and writer SV) have agreed to an interview, and there is no end in sight.  Each interview is more elaborate than the one before.  I want each one to better than the one that preceded it.  I ask better questions, edit it better, ask better follow up questions, play with layout, and so on.  This upmansship I do with myself will have to stop some day, but not for a while yet.

One interview this year was so much work, just making sense of the guy, that transcribing it to create a cohesive narrative thread for the readers nearly put me off doing any more of them.  I can see why his book has been delayed over and over. 

At year's end, I have recharged my batteries, and now I'm ready to face 2010 to provide more content for my readers that they can get absolutely nowhere else.  In addition to the interviews, where the heck else can you get things like a daily Christmas tie feature every December?  Who else writes about things in Halifax that don't make sense?  Who else has a feature in which he points out stupid things he has done, or had done to him? 


That's right! 


And, if you keep coming back here, I can promise you that the best is yet to come.  Come along with me, and I'll show you.

Happy New Year, everyone! 


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