Sunday, January 3, 2010

Post 1062 - The Kindness of Neighbours

People who live in the Halifax area will know that on Friday and Saturday we got a lot of snow here.  A lot.  I shoveled on Saturday morning and noted sadly that I would have to shovel big-time again this morning. 

I went out around 10 this morning.  My car was nearly buried.  The end of the driveway was filled with snow, courtesy of a snowplow.  Front steps were hard to walk on.  My work was cut out for me.

I was outside for about 20 minutes before my neighbour came over.  His wife had sent him out to help me shovel.  I guess they took pity on the old guy who cut himself shaving this morning, accidentally giving them the impression that I had tried to kill myself.  They were also grateful for the cat food I had given them last month, which their cats had loved. 

The driveway was done in short order.  I thanked Brian and took over the other partial bag of catfood that our cats had refused to eat.  Julie's face lit up and she thanked me. 

Patricia had prepared us breakfast.  I ate most of it, then spent time watching videos on demand. 

A very nice, quiet day, made the more pleasant due to the help of my neighbours.  Giving them some catfood our cats hated paid off me this morning.  I'll have to do something nice for somebody else some day. 

Anybody here like No Name cans of tuna?


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Unknown said...

Actually, the breakfast, prepared by yours truly, was sumptuous and delicious. At least, I appreciated the meal. Hrump.