Monday, January 4, 2010

Post 1063 - Dartmouth Crossing Nightmare

This post is mostly meant for people who live in the greater Halifax area.

I don't get it.  I really don't.

What is the big attraction with Dartmouth Crossing?

I mean, there are some nice stores there.  There is a Best Buy there, and every once in a while, they sell something there you can't get at Future Shop, even though they're owned by the same company. 

We had business in Dartmouth today, so we drove over there.  We got lost a few times getting there.  My BlackBerry's gps unit doesn't always work the way it should.  We eventually got there, frazzled nerves and white-knuckled and ten years older than we were when we embarked on our journey. 

Afterward, I was determined to find Dartmouth Crossing.  Of course, everyone says it's easy to find.  Right.  Sure.  So's Texas if you're along the Red River in Oklahoma.  But we found our way to the mecca which is Dartmouth Crossing.  We wanted to have lunch at the Swiss Chalet.  Found that, after driving around for 15 minutes.  I didn't think that driving there would become my life's work. 

Took 90 minutes of lunch time for me to calm down enough to continue on our trip.  On our way out of the Swiss Chalet, we found a small folded map of Dartmouth Crossing that explained where nearly everything was.  A map!  Like, Bayers Lake needs a map! 

We went to the Costco.  To the Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I went to Best Buy, Future Shop, and Staples.  Returned to the car.  A few minutes later, Patricia returned from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  We returned home. 

Like I said, I don't get it.  Why would they need a map of the place if it were so easy to get around Dartmouth Crossing?  Bayers Lake is traffic-choked on weekends and some evenings, but you don't need a map to get around the place, and it's still growing.  Come in off the Bicentennial highway; drive in off the Bay Road, and you're there.  Reverse the procedure, and you're on your way back home.  Easy peasy. 

Anyway, it's called DARTMOUTH Crossing, and I don't live in Dartmouth.  I'm on God's side of the harbour and do not have to contend with that place very often, which suits me to a T.  Pretty near everything I need is over here.  The people who live in Dartmouth can shop over there. 

It's better that way.  They're used to using maps to get around.



Unknown said...

The whole logic behind the power center big box community that the Dartmouth Crossing is modeled after assumes a population of 3-4 MILLION in it's catchment zone.... it might work once HRM reaches that population target.... not in our lifetime!

Unknown said...

Its the morning after, and I am nursing a cup of coffee, hands still shaking from yesterday's experience. Thankfully I am familiar with a few stores and know how to get to them (too girly for Bev of course) so the next time I venture to Dartmouth Crossing again, it will be on my own!!

Bevboy said...

The next time I drive over to Dartmouth Crossing, there'd better be a donut in it for me. Maybe 2.

Wouldn't say no to 3.


kevin.tillman said...

Bev here's your map

Once you get used to it, i'll take the fast entry and especially exit over bayers lake anytime ;)