Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Post 1064 - Loco for BOGO

Had a pretty good day at work.  Nobody yelled at me, or beat me, or even told me that I was an invalid.  This is about all I can hope for on the first day at work in 2010. 

NB got back to me this evening, agreeing to an interview with little old me.  I plan to ask her a question I have never asked another radio jock.  I hope she doesn't take it the wrong way.  I am genuinely curious about this.  I promise you all, it's nothing dirty!

We have eaten at Swiss Chalet 3 times since Friday.  I think we're about done with the place.  My sister Glenda gave us 2 $25 gift certificates for the place for Christmas.  We used the first on January 1st.  They still had their annual holiday special, which included chocolates and an offer for a BOGO chicken deal.  We agreed to use that this month.  But our server was called away suddenly.  The person who took over for her felt badly that we had to wait a bit longer than usual for our bill, and as compensation gave us a second thing of chocolates, and therefore a second BOGO chicken deal!

We thought we should use the chicken deals asap in case we lost them, or they went through the wash or something.  We went to the Swiss Chalet for a late lunch on Monday, in the place that time forgot Dartmouth Crossing, and returned there this evening after work, this time in Bayers Lake, where God wanted us to eat.  We have now used both gift cards and both BOGO deals. 

Thank  you, Glenda, for the gift cards.  They were muchly appreciated and well enjoyed.



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