Monday, January 11, 2010

Post 1072 - An Embarrassment of Riches

Just a brief post tonight.  Getting busy.

In the last day and a half, I have:

1. Conducted an interview with NB while she was doing a show! 

2. Received a facebook message from PH, who wants to do an interview with me in a few weeks, once dust settles in his life.

3. Received permission to go ahead and publish an interview with TB.  I'll start work on that as soon as I finish this post, and you may see it as soon as tomorrow.

4. Conducted an interview with SV, a local author. 

I have 2 interviews to transcribe along with one to publish, while a 4th one is in the can waiting for vetting. 

Pretty cool to be busy, huh?

Have a good one.


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