Saturday, January 16, 2010

Post 1079 - Saturday

Had a quiet day mostly. Kevin and his wife were in town and took me to breakfast at the Old Gummer's restaurant.

Visited Dad this afternoon for a bit. He was doing better but will be there for at least another week.

Mom went to Superstore afterward "to get a few things". 70 dollars later, we left and I bought some cough medicine.

From there we went to the local meat market. Mom likes it. Then we returned here. I resumed transcribing the NB interview. Mom prepared hamburger hash, a delicacy to me.

Borrowing some cd's from my parents. Of particular note is a Hank Williams tribute album Tom Bedell mentioned in his interview. Looking forward to hearing it.

Tonight transcribed a bit more.

Time for bed!

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!


Blast from the past said...

Hey Bev!
I've been enjoying your blog for some time. Memories have been jogged and I can relate to a lot of what you are posting as I'm a ol friend from the past. Think way back.
I know the torture that this may cause...but I'm going to make you guess.
10 questions?

Bevboy said...

Hi. You are being enigmatic.

You say we go way back. How far back? Port Williams Elementary in the 1970's? KCA a bit later? CDHS from 1979 to 1982? Acadia University? Or do we not share any academic background?

That should be a good start.


Blast from the past said...

Holy Cr*p
I don't know if I'm stunned from the speed of the reply OR the the use of the word enigmatic.I'm not used to using the thesaurus
Think KCA and I'll throw in an Isaac Asimov paperback for your fleet footedness.

Bevboy said...

Hmm. KCA. 1976-1979. The three most fun years of my life.

You mentioned Asimov. That makes you an sf fan. And, probably, a guy.

Is your first initial... R? Second, W or K?

How did you find my blog?


Blast from the past said...

Yes. My God.

Should have known better than bring a knife to a gunfight when mentally dueling with the likes of BevBoy.
I am humbled.
We're down to two similar nerds with glasses and and a penchant for comedic escape.
Whattya got?

Bevboy said...

So nice to hear from you again...

Randy Watkins!

How's by you? How did you find the blog, anyway?

And which Asimov ppb did I win?

Bought the complete Monty Python recently and thought of you when I was in the store?


Blast from the past said...

You got it.
Good talking to you.
We'll be in touch.
Take Care
Randy K.

Blast from the past said...

randykee at ns dot sympatico dot ca

Bevboy said...

Randy Kee it is! I was nearly right.

Thanks for calling.