Monday, January 18, 2010

Post 1081 - Back to the Grind

It was nice to return to work this morning, after being off for a few days,  spending it with my parents and sisters.  Nice to sleep in my own bed again.  Nice to see Newbie again. 

I am convinced that Newbie missed me over the last few days.  He nuzzled up to me last night in such a way to make me think that I had been missed.  Of course, he is a cat.  At their best, cats tolerate humans well.  Newbie purrs at me, but he hisses as well.  He'll let me pet him for a moment before nipping or scratching or wriggling free. 

You'll be happy to know that I have a doctor's appointment for this coming Friday.  I have had a persistent cough for several weeks now.  I am not hacking up any blood or anything like that.  It is a dry cough that just won't go away. 

I now have 4,524 songs on my mp3 player and something like 81 podcasts.  Nearly every song on every cd that I own has been digitized.  There may be one or two stragglers in the house that I haven't found yet, but not very darned many.  The funny thing is, I spend all this time ripping cd's and loading the resulting tunes on my mp3 player, but the reality is that I listen to the FM tuner much more than I listen to the songs I have put on the device.  They say that one of the definitions of insanity is donig the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  I think I'm knocking at that door. 

I have a neat blog post in mind that, if all goes well, will see the light of day in a few days.  I really think you'll like it.  It was inspired by one of my facebook friends.  He used a similar approach quite a few years ago in a newspaper.  I'll have to let him know when it goes up.

Jack Bauer was amazing last night, as usual.  He started hour one watching cartoons with his granddaughter, and finished it saving a colleague from an exploding helicopter.  Reminds me of the time I...

But that's a tale for another time!


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