Friday, January 22, 2010

Post 1090 - Health Update

You may remember that I've had a persistent cough for several weeks now. I finally got to my doctor today; he diagnosed me with whooping cough.

I had it 10 years ago and had needles, 2 puffers, and bed rest to get over it. This bout has not been as severe, and I am grateful for that. Whooping cough is not fun.

I am on the downside of this infection. Puffers are not required. A booster shot won't cure me but the one I had this morning will make me less communicable to people around me. A sore shoulder is a small price to pay to protect my friends and family and co-workers from this crap.

I'm getting better. Thanks for your concern. If you must help me, a 32 gig micro sd card for my mp3 player would go a long way to soothe and nurture me.


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