Sunday, January 24, 2010

Post 1092 - A Day Doin' Nothin'

After an exhausting day visiting my folks on Saturday, it sure was nice to sit back and do not much of anything today.  I slept in so late that Newbie was with me, assuming that I was sick. 

Spent the afternoon watching some shows that had been piling up on... tapes.  OK?  Tapes!  There.  I said it.  Tapes.  Tapes.  Tapes.  Tapes!  I have vcr's in the house, people.  I don't have a pvr.  I am not sure if I'll bother getting one.  OK?  I record stuff on tapes.  I transfer the stuff I want to keep to dvd's.  And we watch both dvd's and tapes at the cottage.  Get off my case.

This evening, we watched a bit more tv.  And I transcribed one more question in the NB interview, which is taking shape very nicely indeed  I should be finished in the next few days, which is a good turn around for a 2 hour interview.  The interview with NB was really interesting and contained a few firsts.

Speaking of firsts: You'll see a new Bevboy's Blog advertising tool in this space tomorrow.  Look for it.


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