Monday, January 25, 2010

Post 1093 - A Special Bevboy's Blog Offer

You are regarding the front and back of the brand-new Bevboy's Blog business cards.  They arrived in the mail on January 21st. 

I had long wanted business cards associated with the blog.  People kept asking me what the blog was called.  They'd become hopelessly confused over the alliteration.  "Boybev's Blog".  "Bevboy Blog". "Chef Boyardee's Blog".    Whatever.  Confusing.  And very annoying for all parties concerned.

As I have patiently explained, more than a few times now, I have been called Bevboy for many years now.  Invariably, in offices I've worked in, there would be women named Beverly.  To tell us apart, people would usually call me "Bevboy", and the woman, "Bevgirl", or some variation.  "Bevhooch" is probably my favourite.  "Bevhooch".  Hee hee.  That's a good one.  It's funny because it wasn't me. 

The blog got its name from this.  My name is Bev.  I'm a boy.  I have a blog.  Put 'em together and you get... "Bevboy's Blog".  Not that difficult.

And, now, it should be that much easier because of the business cards.  I had a few hundred produced, and I can always order more if I need to. 

It may seem old-fashioned, even quaint, but I am going to put this offer on the table.  I will snail mail a handful of Bevboy's Blog business cards, just like the one above, to anybody who writes me here on the blog, via a comment to this post.  Just provide your snail  mail address, and I'll pop some in the mail to you.  I don't care where in the world  you live.  It doesn't matter. Write me.  Ask for business cards.  And I'll send you some. 

This offer commences now, January 25, 2010; and ends on February 23rd, 2010 at 23:59ET.  That's my birthday, folks. 

Go ahead.  Ask away.  I have lots of these cards!



Unknown said...

don't bother with snail mail... pass them to me next we meet for coffee!

Nicolle Bellefontaine said...

Yeah "Boy Named Bev", it'd be grr8t if ya'd drop off a few here at the station sometime. I'll pass'em know...when MY turn comes around.

Bevboy said...

Les, I would have given you some cards at coffee this morning, but I had to take my BlackBerry in to the shop as the track wheel wasn't in good shape. Me without my BlackBerry, it's like, well, it's hard for me to talk about without coming across as the type of fetishist written about in Frank Magazine last week.

Nicolle, I am transcribing your interview now. I took a 5 minute break to check the blog and saw your message. You're talking about your doggie daycare. Your passion for the business is shining through! I just have a few audio files left, and then I'll pass it to you to read over.

You'll both get as many cards as you want.

Going back to the transcribing.

Bevboy, out!