Friday, February 12, 2010

Post 1116 - A Quick Trip

Had the day off today.  Drove to my parents' place in the Annapolis Valley.  Visited my dad in the hospital again, and returned to the city in time for a late supper. 

The Olympics start tonight.  I don't know if you knew that or not.  It hasn't been advertised very much.  They've really been underselling it in Canada over the last year or so.  I guess they want people to use word-of-mouth to let others know about this obscure event. 

My knowledge and tolerance of televised sports are such that not only will I not watch the Olympics, I will go out of my way to avoid them.   I don't know why anybody would want to watch that stuff.  The way I figure it, Patricia and I have 2 weeks to get caught up on movies on demand and "Sonsof Anarchy" and "Supernatural". 

Yeah.  Two weeks of avoiding broadcast television. 

I like it!


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