Saturday, February 20, 2010

Post 1133 - Meh, Day Two

We drove down to the Valley today to see my parents.  My father remains in the hospital.

It is a special weekend for me.  My mother bought me lunch today, which was very nice of her.  We ate at the Port Williams Gastro Pub again.  Yes, there are more than two places to eat in the Annapolis Valley, folks.  I count at least 7, 8 if you include that crackhouse in Kentville.

I made a special purchase on February 15th, and forgot to tell you about it. Do forgive me.  I got busy with the hockey game and the work stuff yesterday to remember to tell you.  I bought a new-to-me computer tower.  It only has a 30g hard drive and 256 megs of ram, along with a cd burner (think it plays dvds, too) and a floppy drive.  Yeah.  A floppy drive.  Don't judge me.

I got this machine pretty much just to play with.  I am going to install  various flavours of linux onto her and learn as much unix stuff as I can.  It relates to my work, not that anybody cares or anything.  It  should be a fun hobby for me, and the way I figure it, if I break something on it, I can just do a reinstall of ubuntu or mint or damn small linux or puppy or whatever.  My main desktop will remain untouched.

Got back here a little while ago.  Patricia's watching a repeat of "Castle" while I type these words on the asus.  We started to watch "Supernatural", but the images of two people literally eating each other were disturbing to her.  We'll watch it later.  I'll just  tell her that this episode features Jensen Ackles with his shirt off.  That'll do it.  It always does.

I'll turn in early.  It's been one of those days.




Glenda said...

sorry we missed catching up to you today; your prezzie is here at the house. hope your day here in the Valley went well.

Bevboy said...

Yeah. Sorry about that. I should be up again next weekend, or sooner if necessary. You know what I mean.