Monday, February 22, 2010

Post 1136 - Hello Hello Hello!

I have been lucky enough over the last couple of years to interview some pretty amazing people for Bevboy's Blog. As I stated before, it started as a lark, and has become a cottage industry for yours truly. As much time as I have spent on it in the past, I can see that time increasing in the near future, if only to keep my brain occupied.

I thought it might be fun for you guys to see some of the introductions that my guests have given over the last year or so. If nothing else, it should make you want to go out and read the full interviews with these fine folks.

If you notice a vast improvement in video and sound quality in some clips, it is because I upgraded my video equipment last May. The new camcorder is leagues better than the previous one. There was a third "camcorder", the one used for the first five or six interviews: The built-in video feature on my BlackBerry. They don't look very good at all.

More interviews are in the works. There are always more interviews. Try and stop me.


Nicolle Bellefontaine

Pat Connolly 1

Pat Connolly 2

Don Tremaine

Nikki Balch

Gary Tredwell

Greasy Gary

Steve Vernon

Peter Duffy

Frank Cameron

Tom Bedell

Darrin Harvey

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