Friday, February 26, 2010

Post 1140 – Bevboy’s Dad

My father has been a working man all his life, but still had an opportunity, years and years ago, to work in the province of Newfoundland and work on and open a fish plant there.  How he got that job is a story in itself.   How he dealt with a mutiny with his workers is a classic.  But this story is about how the time he met then-premier Joey Smallwood.

This video, and about 45 minutes of other footage, was shot on December 25th, 2009.  I went through all the space on my video camera and then used the video mode feature on 2 digital cameras to capture all of his talk that Christmas morn.  He is talking to my sister Gayle, and you’ll hear me pipe up from time to time.

This may be the first in yet another new series within Bevboy’s Blog.  It all depends on how this inaugural video is accepted by my readers.

Now, without any further ado: Bevboy’s dad meets Joey Smallwood!



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