Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post 1177 – Black-Eyed Peas

I like the Black-Eyed Peas.  I also like parodies of things.  Imagine my surprise and delight, then, when I found this parody of their big hit, “I Gotta Feeling”. 

Here’s the original video.


And, here’s the parody; or, rather, here’s A parody  There are plenty.

Check it out.  It has the Bevboy Seal of Approval (patent pending). 


Post 1176 – More Yorkshiremen

Last week’s post featuring the Four Yorkshiremen garnered much comment in the blogosphere.  Dozens of you wrote me, IM’d me, commented on my facebook status announcing the post, accosted me on the street, called me at home, cut me off in traffic to tell me, that you loved it!  Thank you for that.

My friend Elliott, who’s deaf, brought this version to my attention.  Thank you, Elliott.

And, they still mount productions of The Four Yorkshiremen.  This is one with Eddie Izzard and Alan Rickman. 

I hope you like them.

More in a bit.


Post 1175 – A Terrible Dilemma

So, this morning, before work, I had to take my car in, in order to have a couple of tires replaced.  It’s life.

My dilemma, what was causing me undue stress and aggravation, was: What radio station should I tune my radio to, in order to impress the mechanic who would be servicing my car?

Don’t tell me you haven’t thought the same thing!

Let me explain.

I listen to a bunch of radio stations when I’m drivin’ around.  It depends on my mood, or what song a particular station may or may not be playing.  In the run of a drive to and from work, I usually switch stations 6 or 7 times.  This would include, of course, the few minutes I try to listen to WCBS, 880AM, in order to hear Joe Connolly’s droll financial report.  I wrote about him last year.

The question remains: Which of these myriad stations would most impress the mechanic who works on my car?

Q104 would seem the obvious, although perhaps cliched, choice.  Lots of mechanics like classic rock and adore Greasy Gary.  Gary told me last year that he had been told that mechanics and construction workers don’t start work until Greasy  Gary’s finished his morning bit, around 7:20.  You really can’t go wrong with Q104.

Hal FM?  Well, maybe.  They play older-skewing classic rock, with much less patter which might be more attractive to mechanics.  I don’t know.  I’ve never seen such a poll, although it might be interesting to see one.

C100?  Their target market is women in a particular age group.  Mechanics typically are men.  Men may not like that brand of music, so C100 may not be the best choice.

FX 1019, the sole Country station?  I’m not sure about that one.  I don’t associate Country songs, hurtin’ songs, with mechanics.  Of course, many Country songs involve pickup trucks, so I may be totally off-base here.  More research is required.

Z103.5, the Beat of Halifax?  This would be a dark horse.  I would think that many younger mechanics would enjoy the younger-skewing hip hop stuff that this fine station purveys.  I don’t think I’d offend any mechanic if they worked on my car while listening to the Black-Eyed Peas on my car radio..  In fact, there is research to indicate that working to The Black-Eyed Peas increases productivity by up to 10%.  Go figure.  Time is money, you know.

Kool FM?   Classic Hits?  Now, there’s a real smorgasbord of content!  What mechanic could say no to the tunes of ABBA, or The Eagles?  I say you, no such person could.

CBC Radio One?  That would convey the image to mechanics that I was erudite, but definitely not pedantic.  It may strike you as a splitting hairs, but it is important not to  come across as pedantic, as I was once told that I was, in fact, pedantic.  Just as soon as I look up “pedantic”, I’ll figure out what it means and determine whether I should be offended.

Radio Two?  That would say I was liberal with my music choices, brave and daring, and that should sit well with anybody fixing my car.  “This guy listens to Radio Two!  He’s brave and daring!  I’ll do an extra good job for him!” 

News 95.7?  That would tell the mechanic that I was interested in headline news and the interesting commentaries of Tom Young and Andrew Krystal.  Those guys speak to the common man the way few can.  I think News 95.7 would be another fine option.

Lite FM, 92.9?  Well, it’s got “92” in the name, so I should like that station a lot.  But I’m not sure how many mechanically-oriented people would appreciate having a car radio tuned into that station upon receiving that car to work on.

I’m not sure I’m much further ahead than I was when I started.  I had my car tuned to the Q this morning.  I don’t think it was a bad choice.  But, maybe, next time I’ll have it on Z or News 95.7. 

Or maybe I’ll just have the damned radio turned off!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post 1174 -More Holly

My friend Kirk and I attended Holly's visitation tonight.  I can't get over how she was able to pack so much life into 31 years. This woman could have ended up making a major difference in society.  I really believe that.  And, now, we're preparing to go to her funeral on Thursday.

Life just doesn't make sense sometimes.

As part of our Toastmasters meeting this week, we'll have a tribute to Holly.  We are all so glad to have had the pleasure of knowing her, if only for 90 minutes a week.  Our friend, lapsed member AJ, a minister, will speak about Holly and offer us some comfort during this trying time.

This is the point where I tell the story about this blog, and Holly.  About a year ago, at a Toastmasters speech contest in which I participated, Holly pulled me aside and asked me about this blog, and whether I might entertain a guest post or two from her.  I said we could talk about it.  I didn't say no.  I was just taken a bit aback.  I guess being a blogger was one more thing that Holly wanted to do, one more thing to check off her bucket list.   I'm sorry that I didn't pursue that with her further: I might have had some serious blogging competition.  Who knows what stories she would have had to tell!

Coulda.  Shoulda.  Woulda. 

I'm sorry.  I just don't feel like writing any more.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Post 1173 - Holly

A friend of mine died over the weekend.  She was a lovely person named Holly, and it hurts too much to talk about it.  A friend linked to this video of Holly that I knew nothing about, and I am grateful to Sheila for providing it.

I smiled a lot during these nine minutes and fifty-two seconds.  Now, I'm sad, because I'll never see or hear her again. 

Post 1172 - Wolfville Thoughts

Some of you know, and maybe a few of you care, that I attended Acadia University back in the 1980's.   Never mind what I studied; I have to have some secrets you know.  But you should know that I absolutely love, without reservation, the town of Wolfville.   When I go visit my parents, virtually every weekend now, I take an earlier exit than I have to, just so I can drive through that lovely, lovely town.

Of course, I drive past the campus.  I very seldom go on campus now, though.   So many of my professors from back in the day have retired or moved on, or even died, that I wouldn't recognize many of the faculty now; nor they, me.  Even after I graduated, I'd go to the massive Acadia library and wander through the stacks, remembering the years I worked in the library.  Of course, in this post-September 11th world, it would be more difficult for me to even enter the library, let alone wander, even if I wanted to do that.  Some things are better left in the past.

A couple of you know that I applied for a job at Acadia less than a year after I graduated.   Unhappy in my work situation, and not thrilled with city living, I aggressively sought this position, and came in second in the competition!   I do not regret how my life has turned out; but from time to time, I still wonder how my life would have unfolded had I got that job.  It would have been a different career path, that's for sure.  Working in a university setting can be stressful in other ways. 

I had 2 interviews for the position.   The first one went well enough that I was invited back for a second one.   In the second interview, my nervousness got the better of me.  I was told that they had checked my references.  One concern they had, had been adequately addressed by a reference of mine.  They were worried that I might be cowed or intimidated by professors with PhD's.  This reference had thought it would not be the case with me as I had worked with PhD's in that office environment.   I had treated everyone the same.  I suppose I had earned their respect by not bs'ing them.

Where I think I fell down was when I was asked to talk about MS DOS, the then-cutting edge operating system.  While I could talk about it, and knew it, I was so nervous it was hard to get the words out.   All these years later, I could talk about MS DOS, not that anybody discusses MS DOS any more.  I mean, when's the last time you talked about MS DOS with anybody other than an intimate partner prior to nodding off after a session of spirited love making?

Anyway, they hired someone else, a fellow named Binny.  For years after that, a former professor of mine, who knew I had applied for a job there, called me that, confusing me with that other guy.

There's not much point to this story.  I just wanted to get my thoughts out there about those hectic years during which I was studying for my degree, and eventually attained it.  Most Canadians don't have degrees.  They view university students as drunken louts there on their parents' dime.   I was there on student loans and part-time jobs, too poor to live on campus, commuting to and from my parents'  home every day, driving a car that broke down on my way to my graduation ceremony.  Not much glamour there.

Here's a video of comic Ron James, an Acadia graduate, and his thoughts on Acadia.

And, here's something totally unique: The way the chimney swifts go home at night.  This was a chimney at a former milk plant (I think!).  They were going to tear it down, but then the swifts would have had no place to go, so they kept the chimney and built an interpretive centre around it, just so the birdies would have a place to sleep at night.  Only in Wolfville!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Post 1171 – More Hitler Ranting

Of course, there are many Hitler rants videos on youtube.  It’s the same footage shown over and over, only the subtitles are changed.  Still funny, though.

This rant will make little sense unless you live in the Halifax area.  There is a small but vocal minority trying to oppose the construction of a new convention centre in the downtown.  This new centre would replace what is about to become… two city blocks of nothing.  The old MIdtown Tavern occupied one block; the former Chronicle Herald building, ugly as sin even when they were keeping it up, occupies the other.  They’re clearing both blocks now. 

People who oppose change are called many things, but the polite term is “naysayers”.   Naysayers have a legitimate place in our society.  If not for them, you would have no effective opposition to any fool thing that a ruling party wants to do.  In Halifax, to use but one example, it was the naysayers who managed, 40 or so years ago, to convince the city not to raze the waterfront district for a highway, meaning that we have the Historic Properties section, a lovely part of our city.   I have time and respect for naysayers.

However, I think they’re wrong on this one.  The CH building was empty and ugly.  Tear it down.  The Midtown Tavern property was 60+ years old and needed work to make it look more modern.  The ownership of the property and what would become of it had been a bone of contention with the city and the family that owned it, pitting sibling against sibling, all because the patriarch did not have a firm succession plan in place.  I don’t know the Grant family.  I just hope that the siblings can one day make peace with each other.  Those rifts are hard to heal.

Anyway, I believe that a new convention centre is a good thing for Halifax.  Empty lots do not attract tourists; it turns them off.  A nice new convention centre would attract conventions, big ones,to our environs.  It would make surrounding properties up their own antes.  It would create construction jobs at a time when they’re needed.

Here’s Hitler’s reaction to the “naysayers”.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Post 1170 - Another Valley Trip

I thumb these words as Patricia shops at Frenchy's in Coldbrook (the good one; not the big one). It is about my first chance to take it easy today. Been on the go since 7 this morning.

Drove up here to see my father for a bit before buying groceries for my mother. Patricia prepared lunch for all of us. We decided to get out of the house, which is why we're here.

Shortly we will return to the house to cook some more. We will visit my friend Heidi. We will go back to the city. And we will sleep for a12 hours or so.

I live such an exciting life!

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Post 1169 - Today

Car got an oil change and tire rotation today,  Bought cat food today, which cost nearly as much as the work on the car. 

The interview didn't happen.  The subject emailed me late last night to say he had the flu.  We will reschedule shortly.

Tomorrow, it's off to see the folks again.  Another really long, Jack Bauer-esque day.  The day after I learned that 24 has been canceled,  Sigh.

Bevboy, out!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post 1168 - Tomorrow

Just preparing for tomorrow’s interview.  Thought you might want to see my checklist.

Item Prepared?
Digital cameras, both of them Yes
Digital camcorder Yes
Digital Voice Recorder Yes
Extra batteries (all rechargeable). AA and AAA Yes
Battery charger, just in case Yes
Spare alkaline batteries, just in case Yes
Questions, printed off Yes
Bevboy’s Blog business cards to distribute to radio station staff Yes
CD’s to give to Tom Bedell and Bob Powers Yes

This is what I do for each interview.  It is quite a process, and is constantly refined as I figure out how to do things better.  Everything is a work in progress.  After all, this is rapidly becoming my life’s work. 

The CD’s contain copies of the text, video, audio and pictures that I take for every interview. I give the subjects a cd containing that stuff after I publish the final interview. 

Getting an oil change for my car tomorrow at 7:30.  No rest for the weary.

Another spin class tonight, my third this week.  Like I said: No rest for the weary.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Port 1167 – The Four Yorkshiremen

People don’t do it like they used to, but in the fairly recent past, they used to quote Monty Python.  I’m not sure how much their humour stands up today.  You either find it funny, or so weird as to be not amusing at all.  I have always been in between somehow, liking some of their skits and not getting the majority of them.  I did buy the Complete Python on dvd at Costco during the holidays and will make my way through them over time (by myself; Patricia would rather link the toilets at Scotia Square than watch Monty Python).

One of their most famous sketches is called  The Four Yorkshiremen, in which 4 men from, um, Yorkshire, discuss how badly they  had it as children.  “Luxury!” entered the lexicon as a result of this sketch. 

It occurs to me that most of you haven’t seen the skit all the way through, so here it is.

But, wait.  There’s more. How much will you pay now?

I found the original version of the sketch, with Mary Feldman filling in for one of the Pythons.  And, a more recent version, from the early 1980’s.

In both cases, you probably should take this to full screen, or you might think it' was just The Three Yorkshiremen.

Yeah, you’re welcome.  You know I love you, don’t you?


Post 1166 - Operation: See Feet -- Spin Spin Spin!

I have done, um, 7 spin classes in the last few weeks.  This evening, I was asked if I had lost some weight.  As of a week ago, I had lost just under 4 pounds.  I have likely lost a pound or 2 since then. 

Slow and steady. 

I plan to do another spin class tomorrow after work, making 3 spin classes for this week.  Lucky #8.   I'll hit my 10th spin class next week.  

Operation: See Feet is well under way!

Actually, it's kind of funny, these spin classes.  My dental hygienist spins as well, and I'll see her.  Turns out that she knows several guys I work with.  My world is getting ever smaller.  

In other news, a friend at work has suggested a blog post which I'll do this weekend.  John: It will take some preparation time, and picture taking, and brain wracking to come up with the stories behind the items you want me to discuss.  I am not sure if it can be done in one post.  People complain if these posts are really long (except for the interviews, which are long anyway).  I'll be visiting my parents in the Valley on Saturday, and am busy on Friday  conducting the next blog interview, so it looks like Sunday will be the earliest I can write it.  I hope the wait will have been worth it for you.  At least you got your name mentioned in the blog! 

Another post in a bit.  Hold on.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Post 1165 - A Day Late

I meant to write about how March 22nd is William Shatner's birthday, and also "Talk Like William Shatner Day".    Life got in the way.  I'm sorry. 

To try to make amends, here are the 2 most prominent pracitioners of this special craft, in action:

You're welcome.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Post 1164 - A Broken Promise

9 days ago, on March 13th, we bought a pizza at a local pizza place called Pizzatown.  Check out the website if you want to.

It was great pizza, from a place that's not always great.  But, they're under new ownership, again, and as an opening salvo in the local pizza wars have made all pizza products 50% off for the month of March.  The owner is a nice guy, and the quality is back to where it should have been the last couple of years, and the prices are as well. 

Anyway, I had promised the owner that I would discuss the wonderful experience here on the blog, and gave him a Bevboy's Blog business card so that he could find this little corner of paradise.  But I forgot to write about Pizzatown until today.  I'm sorry, my friend.  I hope that this effusive praise makes up for my tardiness and forgetfulness.

When it comes to Pizzatown, what's not to like?  Check out Pizzatown in Lakeside, Nova Scotia.  Tell them Bevboy's Blog sent you!  They won't know what you're talking about, but they should enjoy the alliteration!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Post 1163 – A Small (Facebook) World

Slept in but was determined to do some outside work today.  Whilst Patricia raked the lawn, I cleaned out my car, finding the other half of that submarine sandwich I put aside about 6 months ago and planned to get back to.  It’s a little worse for wear and tear, but looks perfectly edible. 

While I was outside, my BlackBerry told me that I had a Facebook message.  Two, actually.  One was from the guy I’ll be interviewing at Friday, just firming up the questions.  One was from… well, I’m getting ahead of my story.

I started this blog in late 2007.  About a year later, I began to receive blog post comments from a fellow who it turns out was in California.  These comments came quite regularly for a while.  I found out his name was Ben, and he had discovered this here silly little blog by accident, but had become a fan, to use his word.

The comments stopped in early 2009, but a few months later I learned what had happened.  Ben had become sick and was seeking treatment in another state.  With other things on his mind much more important than reading a silly little blog,  But I heard from him a bit later, when he told me that his wife had started a blog of her own.

I kept up on Ben’s treatment updates via his lovely wife’s posts.  From time to time I’d post a comment, and Ben would write back.  It was nice to hear from my far-away friend. 

The blog updates stopped in January of 2010.  I’d write but heard nothing.  I hoped that my friend was doing well.

Anyway, fast forward to today.  I was doing some yard work after having cleaned out my car and finding the other half of that submarine sandwich, when I got a Facebook friend request on my BlackBerry from… Ben!  I accepted it right away, of course. 

We’ve been getting caught up over the last few hours.  Told him I update this blog pert near every day.  He’ll have to take a month to read all the posts he’s missed.  I just hope he doesn’t neglect his family during this important online pilgrimage!

People go on about how social networking sites like twitter and Facebook and Myspace are wrecking society.  How people are revealing things about themselves they wouldn’t repeat to the guy sitting next to them on the bus, or would be reluctant to discuss with their physicians.  How companies are trolling these places trying to find employees or would-be employees in compromising situations, all in an effort not to hire these candidates, or to justify dismissing someone.  I get all that.  But, except for the recent experience with my little troll friend, I have had virtually no problems.  I have found many old friends, or had many old friend locate me.  I have reignited many old friendships as a result of my tweets, my facebook updates, and this silly little blog.   I have been blessed in so many ways, been so lucky, and had so much fun interacting with these folks, that I wish I had started it all sooner.

Ben, please keep in touch, my friend.  We have much to catch up on!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Post 1162 – Quick Blog Update

I have lined up another interview, this one for next Friday, the 26th.  Another person is out of town and will contact me upon her return.  This is the first person best known for her years on television than on radio, and I’m looking forward.

You know, I really should give Ian Robinson a finder’s fee for helping me arrange these interviews.  He’s got 25 years of experience in radio, and knows everybody.  He’s from Cape Breton and probably asks everyone he meets, “Who’s your father?”  If you’re from Cape Breton, you’ll get that joke.  Ahem.

Did another spin class after work last night, my 5th in two weeks.  Not bad, but I can try to up that a bit next week, as I want to do at least 3. 

After I got home, we watched the second X-Files movie, which I had borrowed from the library a week ago, and which is due today.  Glad I didn’t see it in theatres.  Glad I didn’t buy or rent the dvd.  Glad I didn’t see it on my movie channels, even though I pay one monthly fee for that.  Glad I did see it for free through a library borrowing.  I am already forgetting what it was about, although there were some nice touches of humour here and there.  I think even Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny would agree that it’s time to put the characters to rest.

Heading out for a bit.  Seeya later.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Post 1161 – The Letter, Part One

This is the first part in the latest Mark Dooley epic called “The Letter”. 

I am delighted to be the official Canadian distributor of Mark’s excellent work.  I know he is, too. 

The name on the return address brings back memories.  I used to buy my monthly comics, many years ago, from a joint called Styx Comics Service, out of Winnipeg.  Just so you know. 

What happens when Mark gets home and checks his mail?  Is it actually something from Time-Life?  Is it related to Mark’s earlier health scare, which you can read for yourself by clicking on the Mark Dooley label on the right hand side of this post?  I can’t wait to find out!

Looking forward to the remaining parts, Mark.  Keep ‘em coming!



Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post 1160 – What Was I Thinking?

You are looking at a picture of me and my friend Paul taken on September 22, 2004.  We were dressed up as convicts on a good, old-fashioned chain gang.    Bev and Paul 2004 You remember those from your childhood, don’t you?  Sure you do.  It was all an effort to raise funds for the provincial United Way campaign that year.

I remember it well.  We marched down Lower Water Street in Halifax to the place of the United Way competition, where our department was competing against other departments for, among other things, best costume.  Of course, the department that had the hazmat suits won.  They always do.  The bastards.

One of the competitions was to run like mad whores into the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (the same place I went to last week for the talk about war-time Halifax) and find some stuff.  But one of the rules was that we could not make too much noise while in there, and could not run.  As you might have guessed, a bunch of women played a role in organizing these events. 

The funny part of this story came afterward.  I told my boss, Rod, about how tired and sore I was after running around with Paul for a couple of hours; we were handcuffed together, you see.  Rod laughed, and then revealed to me that Paul had told him that he, Paul, was sore because I, Bevboy, had made him run so fast for a couple of hours!  Turns out we were competing against each other and didn’t know it.  Poor communication between the two of us, I guess.  I talked to Paul about it afterward, and we shared a laugh, and promised we would never be handcuffed together again.

Besides, he’s married now.  The wife wouldn’t like it.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Post 1159 – Funny Stuff

When I’m stuck for a topic for a given Bevboy’s Blog post, I check out Mark Evanier’s excellent blog.  More than a few times, he has saved my bacon.  And he’s Jewish, so he doesn’t eat bacon, at least in theory.  I mean, he can if he wants to.  I’m not stopping him.  It’s just that, typically, in theory, Jewish folks do not eat pork.  Pigs are unclean animals, according to them, you see; and it follows that they wouldn’t eat pork as a result of that. 

I’m off topic.  Sorry about that. 

Anyway, I was on Mark’s blog this evening and saw his post about the generic Academy Award winning trailer, the one that will contain every possible cliche you can imagine.  It is very funny, but I decided to dig a little deeper and find more videos by these guys.  I’m glad I did.  I’m now a fan.


What a crappy shame that the internet and all these fun toys weren’t active when I was these guys’ age.  I’d have had so much fun, nearly as much fun as the NSDucktoller must be having writing his illiterate comments, but not as much fun as I’m having cheerfully rejecting his delightful blog post comments every day.  It’s the circle of life, folks.  The smart fellas like me kick the asses of the dumbasses like him every day. I love it.

Unlike my troll friend, I finished elementary school and have all my teeth and know how to apply deodorant.   I also can quote  Shakespeare at length.  Mr NSDucktoller: Shakespeare was a guy who lived a long time ago.  He used big words that you wouldn’t have learned from all those years you rode the short bus to your special school.   I know you won’t understand this video, but maybe if you play it a couple hundred times, you’ll begin to comprehend the first few seconds.

The 9 ways to treat a woman is as honest a video as I have ever seen.  There is such truth to it, so much humanity and warmth, that it cannot be denied.   Mr. NSDucktoller, you inveterate virgin you, play this a few times and reach for that plastic doll gf of yours.

Hope you guys like the videos.  I’m a fan of these guys now.  Check out their website if you want to for more videos.



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Post 1158 - The Day After

Took another sick day today.  I finally broke down this afternoon and gingerly made my way to my drug store, where I got my precious Zomig, which is the miracle drug I use to cure my migraines.  No disrespect to Tylenol, or Bufferin, or whatever headache cure you hold dear; but I may as well be taking those other pills orally, for all the good they do me.  Zomig, crazy expensive as it is, has been the only consistent cure for these headaches.

I have missed 2 days from work.  I like my job, so it has been difficult for me to sit back and do nothing the last couple of days.  I'm looking forward to returning to work in the morning.

Have you guys missed me? 

Well, have you?


Monday, March 15, 2010

Post 1157 - Today

Took a sick day today.  Slept the day away.  Didn't really get up until supper time. 

I love my migraines!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Post 1156 – The Early Bevboy – Part Four

Hello again, gentle readers.  Welcome to the fourth instalment of the Early Bevboy, the adventures and misadventures of my misspent youth. 

Picture of Bev - Age 22 - 86B You are looking at a picture of me taken on December 13, 1986 at the BIO Christmas party.  BIO is short for the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, where I had a 4 month work term from September through December of 1986.  Yeah. I remember dates.  Get over it, already.  I was 22 years old when this picture was taken. 

I remember that place quite well.  My boss was a middle-aged British guy named Aubrey Fricker.  AFAIK, he still lives in Halifax.  From time to time, he speaks at Halifax Council meetings and makes it on tv.  Dawn Sloane may remember him.   One day, Aubrey told me I was an anomaly.  Another time he said, “Oh, Beverly.  You can’t be as insecure as you make yourself out to be.  You just can’t!!”  I think it was a compliment.  I’m still not sure.

BIO is a big, sprawling complex, and more than once I took a wrong turn and ended up someplace I shouldn’t have been.  Typical male!  I never asked for directions. 

The appendage growing out of my chin belonged to a co-worker named Robin Wylie.  I had never seen him before September 1986; and I haven’t seen him since the day I dropped him off at his Dartmouth apartment in December of that same year. But we got along great.  He had told me that his brother was a paramedic.  I’d see him around working, but he was murdered years later in a botched drug raid.  Pretty sad.

But, Robin and I were friends for that period of time.  We’d go out and have a liquid lunch at the nearby  Ship Victory and stagger back to work for the afternoon.  It was shameful.  I’d never do anything like that now.  Hic. 

Robin was very gregarious.  He was also popular with the ladies.  I suppose he was a womanizer, but nobody was getting hurt and nobody was forced to be with him, so it’s nobody’s business.  I do remember his mother told him, and he told me, that Robin thought with his balls.  I can tell you that my  mother has never told me that.

In the tease for this post, which I left at the end of the previous entry to this series, I promised to tell you about an event that had never happened to me before, and hasn’t happened in all the years since.  Here it is.

Sometime around the time that photo was taken, another person we worked with, a German girl named Solly, asked me out to a Christmas party that would take place at… The Mic Mac Aquatic Club, I think it was. 

I remember being shocked because… well, that had never happened to me before.  I looked behind me to make sure she wasn’t talking to someone else.  I did this, despite the fact that I was leaning against a wall at the time.  The date was  chaste.  Nothing happened.  Darn it.  Solly and Robin started dating upon their return to Ontario in 1987.

This was my second co-op work term sponsored by my university.  I’ll tell you about the first one, some other time.  

There’s not much more to tell.  There was the 38 year old woman who was going through a divorce and wanted to go out to dinner with me.  That happened during that time.  There was the dance at the MIc Mac Aquatic Club where I had a great time.  But, the actual job at BIO was boring and monotonous.   The dirty little secret of most of those co-op work terms is that we get the crappy jobs.  Either that, or they’re worked nearly to death for not much money, which I saw happen as well. 

Solly gave me a small Christmas present.  I think it was a joke-type book and a Christmas mug.  I believe I still have those items in my old bedroom at my parents’ place.  I haven’t seen any of those folks since.  But, I did hear about Robin and Solly’s relationship when I attended a friend’s wedding in 1991.  Their mutual friend was there, and we talked about them. 

This job kept me in Dartmouth every day for 4 months.  I commuted every day, first with a private van company, and then with some guys who drove back and forth each day.

Barely a year later, I moved out of my parent's’ home and got my own apartment in Dartmouth, at 55 Dahlia Street.  I continued to think of my friends at BIO while I lived there, but seldom think of them now.   This post tonight represents my first thoughts on Robin, Solly, Darlene Nauss, Aubrey Fricker, and the others, that I have had in some time.  I’m happy that most of those memories are pleasant ones.  I hope that all of them are content with their lives and that they haven’t forgotten me completely.

Next time in this series: An important magazine.  To me, at least.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Post 1155 - Everything in Moderation

Effective immediately, for reasons to be discussed in a moment, all blog post comments will be moderated by me.

It seems I have attracted a troll, not just here, but on my Facebook. 

When I published an interview last month, she publicized it on her Facebook.  One of her "friends" made a pretty hateful remark directed at Patricia and me.  He sent it directly to Patricia.  He then started to write me some pretty ignorant remarks.  We blocked him in Facebook.

Then, he began to target this blog.

I just deleted the comments, hoping he would get the hint.  But in the last few days, his output has increased to the point where I must do something about it.  His level of illiteracy is such that it doesn't matter what blogger username he selects for himself.  The remarks shine forth like a beacon, smell like month-old fish, and have more errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar that it makes me think he went to a private school.  I can just recognize this man's vile work.  I have left his most recent comments; he can delete them himself.  As you can see, he doesn't like gay people very much.

I have, therefore, reluctantly added comment moderation to this blog.  If you want to write me, go ahead.  If you want to disagree with something I write about, fill your boots.  Write whatever polite comments about whatever I write here.  I can take it.  But I will manually approve any and all such comments from now on.  Minus that, the comments will not be visible to you, my trusted and beloved readers.

The new policy has already spared you guys 2 comments from my friend.  It sure is fun to reject them for publication here.  Keep them coming, my friend.  I look forward to rejecting more and more. 

Have a real nice day, everyone.  And a special lovely day wish to "Nsducktoller" and "Gary". 


Friday, March 12, 2010

Post 1154 - Q104 News

Thought I'd let you know that I got a FB message from The Mighty Q's Program Director, JC Douglas, that Q104 has won the award for Best Radio Station -- Medium Market at the Canadian Music Industry Awards in Toronto.

Great news, JC! Congrats to Q104.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Post 1153 - Free Water Bottles in Halifax

Quick!  If you hurry, you can still get a free water bottle today, March 11, which is free water bottle day in Halifax.  Tap water is where it's at, ladies and gentlemen.  Accept no substitutes.

The lovely Shelley Belleftontaine of Clean Nova Scotia gave me a couple of bottles just now, and was kind enough to say hello to this silly little blog.  Thank you, Shelley.  I gave you some Bevboy's Blog business card, Shelley.  Give 'em out to people you think will care.

I got my first water bottle last week from Clean Nova Scotia.  It was mighty handy during my spin class Tuesday night, and will be even handier this evening when I do another one.  The tap water from Nubody's in that bottle tastes nice and cold when I'm spinning my heart out.  It is a very attractive bottle to boot.  Be the envy of your friends.  Get one of these bottles!

If you are still drinking water from a bottle, stop.  Most of the time, it's just tap water that is trucked long distances and stored for a long time before you purchase it.  It's outrageously expensive to buy water this way, as opposed to drinking it from the taps in your house.  Me, I run my tap water through a Brita water filter and refrigerate it afterward.  It is delicious and refreshing and beats the frig out of any bottled water you can get in a store, and is so cheap as to be almost free. 

Thanks for doing this, Clean Nova Scotia.  And, keep reading Bevboy's Blog!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Post 1152 - Feline Ghost Adventures

I admit it.  I'm that weird cat guy.  I love cats.  The love was reignited several years ago when Cindy Clawford entered our lives and only intensified when Newbie adopted me in 2006.  Damnit, I love cats. 

Cat videos are enjoyable for me to watch.  I can't help that.  It comes part and parcel with my loves for felines.  Don't judge me. 

Here's a take off on the Ghost Hutners type shows that proliferate and pollute our airwaves.  But, it has cats in it, so that makes it fun to watch. 

I hope you like it.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post 1151 – Halifax in War Time

Spent a very IMGP2446fascinating evening tonight.  I think I’ll take a few paragraphs to tell you about it.

First of all, I did another spin class this evening, my second in 4 days.  From there, I walked to my car and drove it to a local grocery store where I got some sushi.  Scarfed that and then drove to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, where the topic of discussion would be Halifax during World War II.

I don’t go to that museum nearly often enough.  Time was, all entry to all Nova Scotia museums was free.    Now, it’s anything but, with fees ranging to several dollars per visit (although you can get a deal by pre-paying for a year).  I resent having to pay to enter a museum, and out of silent protest, don’t go very much.  As luck would have it, Tuesday nights are free at this museum. 

At any rate, the presentation started around 7:30, and continued until 8:30.  The presenter showed slides of the city during that famous period and told us some interesting stories of that time.  He showed us a pic of the HIndenberg flying over Halifax.  We saw Piercey’s, the lumber place on Robie Street, on fire.  You can just make out the smoke stack which is the hallmark of that place to the present day.  

They do these presentations nearly every week.  There will be another presentation about Halifax at wartime coming up in April, this one by a guy who wrote a book on the subject in the last year.  Try to keep me away from that. 

I gave the presenter a Bevboy’s Blog business card. I don’t know if he’ll check out this blog, or throw out the card, but at least I’m trying, folks.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Post 1150 – X ---> Vacation

Xavier Cugat, the famous band-leader, was once asked what his favourite vacation spot was.  “You see”, he replied, “When a man does exactly what he wants to do for a living, he’s always on vacation.”  Zero Mostel, Xavier’s best friend, had the same opinion.

All of us are meant to do “something” with our lives.  Because most of us don’t find that one special thing, we tend to live for the weekends, or our vacations, and getting the frig out of Dodge.  Can we help it that educational opportunities are lacking, or the funds do not exist, to help pave the way to that special job?  Don’t think so.  Even the best of us fall prey to “settling”. 

Frankly, I have never had the right attitude toward vacations.  Give me a nice meal, a pleasant walk, perhaps a glass of wine, some time away from work, and I’m well on my way to being happy.  Heaving myself from pillar to post, from airport terminal to airport terminal, is no recipe for bliss.  I just don’t see the point of it.  Judge me not.  Kneeing myself in the groin would be easier, and more therapeutic, than the travails of reaching a vacation spot.

Let me tell you, however, about my very favourite vacation location.  Maybe you remember all the times I have mentioned it here.  Not for nothing do I love our cottage.  Oh, it’s not perfect: We have no cable, or satellite, and tv reception on the over-the-air channels is spotty by times.  Please remember, though: It is such a peaceful place for us, a refuge from the cacophony of city living, that it is difficult to imagine just going away somewhere else; and there is something to be said for just getting away from the bustling and bothersome aspects of our lives. 

Quick-tempered folks reading this just would never understand.  Reality for them includes all of the things that our cottage environs do not possess, and never will.  Surely, nothing I state in this post will persuade them to consider a slower, more methodical lifestyle.  There are too many different types of folks out there who feel that a vacation should consist of initial travel inconvenience to and from, punctuated by running around from tourist destination to tourist destination, that I would be wasting my time trying to convince them that there are many simple pleasures associated with cottage living.  Until they have done it, they just won’t get it.

Well, it was good enough for Xavier Cugat and Zero Mostel, so what are you waiting for?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Post 1149 - The Razzie's

The Oscars are on tv this evening.  I'm not gonna tape them.  But, the evening before the Oscars, the Razzie Awards are given out, marking the worst in cinematic achievement.

These awards are often snotty and rude, but serve a purpose.  Movies are hyped and talked about so breathlessly, that there needs to be an outlet to talk about the ones that disappoint us.  I don't actually go to movies much any more; we have 11 or 12 movie channels here, broadcasting uncut, commercial-free films into the house 24x7, all for one amount of money.  But, I'm still glad that there is this way for us to find out about the crappy movies out there.

My one real gripe about the Razzie's is that they need to punch up their production budget a smidge.  The clips I have seem from the Razzie's all look like they were filmed on a camcorder crappier than anything I have ever owned.   Surely to frig there is someone in the audience who's good enough a camera person that he can film something better than this stuff.

Anyway, from time to time, stars who "win" the Razzie for worst actor or actress actually show up to accept the awards.  Last evening, Sandra Bullock did.   She will be up for best actress tonight, but won for worst last evening.  If she wins tonight, let's see if she references her Razzie Award, too.

I thought you might enjoy seeing Bullock's acceptance speech.   I know I did.

Tomorrow: The winning entry in the Bevboy's Blog Alphabet Challenge!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Post 1148 - The Gauntlet Is Thrown

Had another quick trip to the valley today to visit my parents and take my mother shopping.  We had lunch at a place in Wolfville called the Library Pub, and we don't want to rush back there.  

By the time we got back to the house, I had received the blog comment email notification from my sister "offering" to go on an actual bike ride with me sometime.  I have to let my legs get some strength back first, Glenda, and then I can kick your ass.  By the time my legs are in the sort of condition I want them to be in, I will be able to ride my bike up the side of a mountain, while  you are panting and begging me to stop.  Yep.  That's what's gonna happen. 

You have 24 hours, everyone, to get your suggestion in for the Bevboy's Blog Alphabet Challenge.  Read about it right here.  It will be the 2 year anniversary (and 1000th post since) that I wrote the first such post.  I'm looking forward to writing it on Monday.  I don't know what the subject will be yet, but I am looking forward to writing it.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Post 1147 - Operation: See Feet!

I did something today, after work, that I hadn't done in nearly a year.  It is embarrassing to admit this, but it is my blog, and I can write about whatever the heck I want without fear of reprisal or recrimination.

I went to the gym.

It is hard to put my finger on why I put off going for so long.  I was tired.  I was on vacation.  I had a headache.  Blah blah blah.  Oftentimes, the real reason is that I was lazy and plain didn't want to go.  You can't make me do something that I don't want to do.  Human nature.  But, in recent weeks, the call of the gym, the beckoning of the spin class, the summoning of Nubody's, has been harder and harder to ignore.    I found this week that I could not put it off any longer.  I would have gone this past Tuesday night, but I had a headache.  Tonight, damn it all, I decided to go. 

This was the night for the 40 minute ride.  I got there early and got into my gym togs.  My name was the first one on the list, and I hightailed it to the spin room.  I hopped on my bike and began to peddle, in an effort to stretch my legs before the actual class started. 

The class was pretty much full.  The instructor, Nancy, greeted me warmly and told me to go at my own pass (yeah, like the resident Old Guy is gonna do anything but!).  Nancy had us do sprints, hill climbs, more sprints, hovering climbs, and anything else her fiendish little brain could concoct.  The 40 minutes tonight could just as easily have been 40 hours. 

I will never forget my first spin class, back in September of 2004.  My friend, the late John  Colpitts, was there to guide me.  It was just a few of us, and some old guy teaching it (he was old, folks!).  My legs gave out on me about half way through the ordeal, and I could not get out of my seat to peddle.  After it was over, John had to walk next to me to the change room, as I think he thought I might keel over.  The 20 minute walk back to my car was torture; my legs could barely support me.  This all happened on a Thursday night.  It was Sunday morning before my legs felt good again.

Tonight, my legs are tired, but there is still enough muscle memory from the spin classes of years past that I am not nearly as sore as I thought I would be.  Of course, tomorrow morning will be a different story!  We'll see if I can get out of bed.

Spin classes are among the most grueling of cardio workouts.  They're also my favourite.  I can pretend I'm a kid again, riding my bike over hill and dale, instead of being a 46 year old dude who's had a few too many hamburgers and drinks too much coffee. After all, I want to see my feet again.  I owe them that much.

It will not be a year before my next spin class.  I will go again Monday or Tuesday.  I'll keep you up-to-date on my progress, because I know you all care.

Assuming my legs won't let me down.  I kinda need them.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Post 1146 – United Breaks Guitars, Part 3 of 3

Released this week, and already at 18000+ hits on youtube, here is part 3 of Dave Carroll’s “United Breaks Guitars” trilogy. 

Carroll has got millions of dollars in free publicity for what he endured at the hands of United Airlines.  United has looked awful and even its best p.r. people haven’t been able to help them.  Looks good on them.

This is the final part of this trilogy.  I’m glad.  The story has gone on long enough.  Time to move on.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Post 1145 – I Love Kittie

There is a store in downtown Halifax that’s closing at the end of March.  They sell mostly used cd’s and dvd’s, but also have new stuff.  CD Plus has been there for years, and I’ll miss it.

I was leafing through their heavy metal selection a couple of weeks ago and noticed some Metallica and Iron Maiden records I didn’t have (I snoozed, and they’re gone now).  I also noticed a band called Kittie, an all-female heavy metal band.  “That’s unusual”, I thought.  And, they’re Canadian.  “That’s also unusual”, I thought.

I thought, well, if they’re all woman, there’s probably a melodic aspect to their music that I might actually like.  Since everything was 30% off in the store, I could get their latest album, “In The Black”, for only seven bucks.  Not out much if I didn’t like it.

On my way to the Annapolis Valley last weekend to see my folks, I popped “In The Black” into my car’s cd player. 

Holy Frig.

You know that kind of metal where the singers don’t actually sing?  They scream as if their legs got caught in a bear trap?  Well, that’s how most of the vocals are.  Can’t make out a word of it.

This kind of music is not usually my cup of tea.  I liked metal music back when I was a teenager and into my early 20’s.  Around the time I started working for a living, I became so busy keeping body and soul together that that kind of music just fell by the wayside. 

I listened to the whole album on that hour+ trip to the Valley.  By the time I had played it all the way through, I thought I would never want to hear their music ever again.

So, how come, after work, and before my weekly Toastmasters meeting, I went back to CD Plus and bought the 2 remaining Kittie albums they had in stock: Oracle, and Spit? 

There is something about Kittie’s music that is so seminal, so raw, so emotional, so full of hurt, that  I cannot dismiss it.  Damnitall, I like this band.  And, the more I hear about these ladies, the more I like them, and the more I want them to play Eastern Canada. 

I follow “OfficialKittie” on twitter.  On Sunday, right after Sydney Crosby got The Goal, here’s what I saw:

  • Hell yah we kicked your ass in hockey america!!!

    Just before that, there was this tweet:
  • If canada doesent win this hockey game I'm going to shit!!!


    Funeral For Yesterday is from an album I don't got yet, but give me some time, folks. I am just discovering this amazing band and have to get caught up.



    Run Like Hell is their version of the Pink Floyd song. It's hard to think of the Pink Floyd song after experiencing Kittie's version.

    I’m sorry to gush like this.  I am perhaps a little old to be doing this.  But when I discover something I like,I just feel I ought to let you guys know. 

    Kittie:  Check ‘em out.  If you like this kind of music, you’ll love them.

  • Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    Post 1144 - A Bevboy's Blog Challenge

    Hi, everyone.  We are rapidly approaching post #1150.  It will be the 1000th post after my first attempt at what I call "The Alphabet Post".  I first did it back in post 150, which you can find right here

    The alphabet post is where, supplied by a general theme, and a letter of the alphabet, I write a post whose first letter of each sentence starts with successive letters of the alphabet.  In post 150, I was supplied with the letter "D", and theme of house sitting.  The first word of the first sentence started with "D".  The first letter of the second sentence started with "E".  Then, "F", and so on, until I had cycled through the entire alphabet.   It is a fun challenge for me to do this.  And, I'm gonna do it again.

    Please, starting right now, send an email to this special email address.  In the email, please state, A) a letter of the alphabet; and B) a general theme.  I will sift through the dozens of entries and select one and write a blog post about the theme, using the letter of the alphabet you supplied as my starting point.  

    After the contest is over, I will delete the email address, so there's no point in you nasty spammers nailing me.  I won't see those messages.  Nice try.

    So, come up with your suggestions.  In 5 days, I'll close the contest and in 6 days you'll see the result.

    Good luck.  And thanks for your input.


    Monday, March 1, 2010

    Post 1143 - Things That Make You Go Hmm.

    I know it seems like this every day, for every post, but there are days when I sit down and write something, not knowing where I'll start, and not knowing where it will end.  I just sit down at this here HP computer and start typin', hoping that I will end up with something coherent.  I fear this will not be one of those nights.

    I now have 2 desktop computers here in my office.  I get tired of typing on this computer, I just swivel to the left and type on the "new" one for a while.  Do I need a hobby?

    I spoke to my next interview subject during my lunch hour today.  I am looking forward to it very much, and I must thank my friend Ian Robinson very much for lining it up for me.  I will take the rest of this paragraph to help you understand how instrumental Ian has been to helping me find folks to talk to.  He has a producer's job at Eastlink television in Halifax (he also has 25 years of experience in Nova Scotia radio, and knows EVERYBODY).  As such, he records all kinds of media people as they tape voice tracks for Eastlink programs and on the local real estate channel.  Many of these bits, if you live in Halifax, you won't hear in, say, New Glasgow or Sydney or Charlottetown.  Anyway, Ian was interviewed by me last year, and has become such a fan of these interviews I do that he speaks to many of his friends in the media on my behalf.  He's even shown them this silly little blog.  The latest interview he's arranged is with MC, and she has had a career in both radio and television.  She doesn't go quite as far back as the beginning of MITV, but close to it.   

    I can't wait to ask her about the Texan meteorologist they had on staff back in the day.  I'll never understand how that guy, A) got the job up here; and B) would even want to apply for a job in Atlantic Canada. 

    I can only imagine the discussion he had with his agent.  "You want me to go to work in... Nova Scotia?  What's that?"

    "It's a province in Canada."

    "Canada?  What's that?"

    "Part of North America."

    "Oh, you mean like Mexico?"

    "Yeah.  Like Mexico.  Only, it snows up there, and everybody plays hockey."

    "All right!  Nova Scotia it is!"

    The conversation must have gone something like the above; otherwise, how else, and why else, would a Texan end up here?  A person less aware of this country, I have never seen.  "There will be a disturbance in this... province over here.  And, if you live in Shoe Bin A Katie, on high ground, then watch out."

    My, oh, my, what became of him, anyway?  He was so entertaining.

    Fear not, effendi.  I will find out that, and many other questions, for you. 

    Anyway, thank you, Ian Robinson, for lining up yet another interview for me.  It is much appreciated!