Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Port 1167 – The Four Yorkshiremen

People don’t do it like they used to, but in the fairly recent past, they used to quote Monty Python.  I’m not sure how much their humour stands up today.  You either find it funny, or so weird as to be not amusing at all.  I have always been in between somehow, liking some of their skits and not getting the majority of them.  I did buy the Complete Python on dvd at Costco during the holidays and will make my way through them over time (by myself; Patricia would rather link the toilets at Scotia Square than watch Monty Python).

One of their most famous sketches is called  The Four Yorkshiremen, in which 4 men from, um, Yorkshire, discuss how badly they  had it as children.  “Luxury!” entered the lexicon as a result of this sketch. 

It occurs to me that most of you haven’t seen the skit all the way through, so here it is.

But, wait.  There’s more. How much will you pay now?

I found the original version of the sketch, with Mary Feldman filling in for one of the Pythons.  And, a more recent version, from the early 1980’s.

In both cases, you probably should take this to full screen, or you might think it' was just The Three Yorkshiremen.

Yeah, you’re welcome.  You know I love you, don’t you?



Ken said...

You and I see Monty Python in exactly the same way, Bev. I really enjoy some of their stuff but just don't see the humour in a great deal of it!

Bevboy said...

I really do like a number of their skits, but people only remember the "good ones". There are an awful lot of them that make little or no sense, and have little or no point. As I watch that dvd collection, I'll point them out to my readers.

Nice to hear from you again, Ken. I'll be in the Valley on Saturday. Perhaps we can have coffee?