Monday, March 1, 2010

Post 1143 - Things That Make You Go Hmm.

I know it seems like this every day, for every post, but there are days when I sit down and write something, not knowing where I'll start, and not knowing where it will end.  I just sit down at this here HP computer and start typin', hoping that I will end up with something coherent.  I fear this will not be one of those nights.

I now have 2 desktop computers here in my office.  I get tired of typing on this computer, I just swivel to the left and type on the "new" one for a while.  Do I need a hobby?

I spoke to my next interview subject during my lunch hour today.  I am looking forward to it very much, and I must thank my friend Ian Robinson very much for lining it up for me.  I will take the rest of this paragraph to help you understand how instrumental Ian has been to helping me find folks to talk to.  He has a producer's job at Eastlink television in Halifax (he also has 25 years of experience in Nova Scotia radio, and knows EVERYBODY).  As such, he records all kinds of media people as they tape voice tracks for Eastlink programs and on the local real estate channel.  Many of these bits, if you live in Halifax, you won't hear in, say, New Glasgow or Sydney or Charlottetown.  Anyway, Ian was interviewed by me last year, and has become such a fan of these interviews I do that he speaks to many of his friends in the media on my behalf.  He's even shown them this silly little blog.  The latest interview he's arranged is with MC, and she has had a career in both radio and television.  She doesn't go quite as far back as the beginning of MITV, but close to it.   

I can't wait to ask her about the Texan meteorologist they had on staff back in the day.  I'll never understand how that guy, A) got the job up here; and B) would even want to apply for a job in Atlantic Canada. 

I can only imagine the discussion he had with his agent.  "You want me to go to work in... Nova Scotia?  What's that?"

"It's a province in Canada."

"Canada?  What's that?"

"Part of North America."

"Oh, you mean like Mexico?"

"Yeah.  Like Mexico.  Only, it snows up there, and everybody plays hockey."

"All right!  Nova Scotia it is!"

The conversation must have gone something like the above; otherwise, how else, and why else, would a Texan end up here?  A person less aware of this country, I have never seen.  "There will be a disturbance in this... province over here.  And, if you live in Shoe Bin A Katie, on high ground, then watch out."

My, oh, my, what became of him, anyway?  He was so entertaining.

Fear not, effendi.  I will find out that, and many other questions, for you. 

Anyway, thank you, Ian Robinson, for lining up yet another interview for me.  It is much appreciated!


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