Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post 1144 - A Bevboy's Blog Challenge

Hi, everyone.  We are rapidly approaching post #1150.  It will be the 1000th post after my first attempt at what I call "The Alphabet Post".  I first did it back in post 150, which you can find right here

The alphabet post is where, supplied by a general theme, and a letter of the alphabet, I write a post whose first letter of each sentence starts with successive letters of the alphabet.  In post 150, I was supplied with the letter "D", and theme of house sitting.  The first word of the first sentence started with "D".  The first letter of the second sentence started with "E".  Then, "F", and so on, until I had cycled through the entire alphabet.   It is a fun challenge for me to do this.  And, I'm gonna do it again.

Please, starting right now, send an email to this special email address.  In the email, please state, A) a letter of the alphabet; and B) a general theme.  I will sift through the dozens of entries and select one and write a blog post about the theme, using the letter of the alphabet you supplied as my starting point.  

After the contest is over, I will delete the email address, so there's no point in you nasty spammers nailing me.  I won't see those messages.  Nice try.

So, come up with your suggestions.  In 5 days, I'll close the contest and in 6 days you'll see the result.

Good luck.  And thanks for your input.


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