Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Post 1145 – I Love Kittie

There is a store in downtown Halifax that’s closing at the end of March.  They sell mostly used cd’s and dvd’s, but also have new stuff.  CD Plus has been there for years, and I’ll miss it.

I was leafing through their heavy metal selection a couple of weeks ago and noticed some Metallica and Iron Maiden records I didn’t have (I snoozed, and they’re gone now).  I also noticed a band called Kittie, an all-female heavy metal band.  “That’s unusual”, I thought.  And, they’re Canadian.  “That’s also unusual”, I thought.

I thought, well, if they’re all woman, there’s probably a melodic aspect to their music that I might actually like.  Since everything was 30% off in the store, I could get their latest album, “In The Black”, for only seven bucks.  Not out much if I didn’t like it.

On my way to the Annapolis Valley last weekend to see my folks, I popped “In The Black” into my car’s cd player. 

Holy Frig.

You know that kind of metal where the singers don’t actually sing?  They scream as if their legs got caught in a bear trap?  Well, that’s how most of the vocals are.  Can’t make out a word of it.

This kind of music is not usually my cup of tea.  I liked metal music back when I was a teenager and into my early 20’s.  Around the time I started working for a living, I became so busy keeping body and soul together that that kind of music just fell by the wayside. 

I listened to the whole album on that hour+ trip to the Valley.  By the time I had played it all the way through, I thought I would never want to hear their music ever again.

So, how come, after work, and before my weekly Toastmasters meeting, I went back to CD Plus and bought the 2 remaining Kittie albums they had in stock: Oracle, and Spit? 

There is something about Kittie’s music that is so seminal, so raw, so emotional, so full of hurt, that  I cannot dismiss it.  Damnitall, I like this band.  And, the more I hear about these ladies, the more I like them, and the more I want them to play Eastern Canada. 

I follow “OfficialKittie” on twitter.  On Sunday, right after Sydney Crosby got The Goal, here’s what I saw:

  • Hell yah we kicked your ass in hockey america!!!

    Just before that, there was this tweet:
  • If canada doesent win this hockey game I'm going to shit!!!


    Funeral For Yesterday is from an album I don't got yet, but give me some time, folks. I am just discovering this amazing band and have to get caught up.



    Run Like Hell is their version of the Pink Floyd song. It's hard to think of the Pink Floyd song after experiencing Kittie's version.

    I’m sorry to gush like this.  I am perhaps a little old to be doing this.  But when I discover something I like,I just feel I ought to let you guys know. 

    Kittie:  Check ‘em out.  If you like this kind of music, you’ll love them.

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