Sunday, March 7, 2010

Post 1149 - The Razzie's

The Oscars are on tv this evening.  I'm not gonna tape them.  But, the evening before the Oscars, the Razzie Awards are given out, marking the worst in cinematic achievement.

These awards are often snotty and rude, but serve a purpose.  Movies are hyped and talked about so breathlessly, that there needs to be an outlet to talk about the ones that disappoint us.  I don't actually go to movies much any more; we have 11 or 12 movie channels here, broadcasting uncut, commercial-free films into the house 24x7, all for one amount of money.  But, I'm still glad that there is this way for us to find out about the crappy movies out there.

My one real gripe about the Razzie's is that they need to punch up their production budget a smidge.  The clips I have seem from the Razzie's all look like they were filmed on a camcorder crappier than anything I have ever owned.   Surely to frig there is someone in the audience who's good enough a camera person that he can film something better than this stuff.

Anyway, from time to time, stars who "win" the Razzie for worst actor or actress actually show up to accept the awards.  Last evening, Sandra Bullock did.   She will be up for best actress tonight, but won for worst last evening.  If she wins tonight, let's see if she references her Razzie Award, too.

I thought you might enjoy seeing Bullock's acceptance speech.   I know I did.

Tomorrow: The winning entry in the Bevboy's Blog Alphabet Challenge!


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